Advanced Hiring Platforms

Advanced Hiring Platforms

Advanced Hiring Platforms require a strong and powerful job data feed. Power up your hiring platform using value-added data like skills, industry, job author, all from a single automated job feed. JobsPikr will help you acquire the job-listing data that will help you filter the right candidates for the organization. Our ML and Data Science models will help you derive quality insights like skill set, relevant experience, and salary insights of the candidate.

Advanced Hiring Platforms will also require high-level automated job feed data on a regular basis to filter and match job-listing to the right candidates. JobsPikr will also help you classify the job-listings data into various standardized categories that will increase the quality of the data that is being acquired by you.

Our Machine Learning and Data Science Models will help you acquire quality job data in a plug and play format. Submit your requirements, sit back, and enjoy the data that is being fed into your servers like Amazon S3, FTP, and Dropbox. JobsPikr will give you the opportunity to hire the right candidates for the right job roles that are available in the organization.

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What our clients say


“JobsPikr has helped us in acquiring fresh job data from thousands of company websites on a daily basis. We were looking for such kind of service for a long time and I’m glad that I stumbled upon JobsPikr.”

– VP, Strategic Growth European Recruitment Agency


“JobsPikr has saved us a lot of time and resources by automatically delivering fresh job listings from the web. They also flexible enough to crawl a new site that wasn’t in their list just for our convenience. It’s a great service!”

– Head of Data Operations Popular Job Aggregator


“JobsPikr’s API integration with our system was easy to setup; overall, the process is straightforward and fast. The team is responsive and is always available. We were able to greatly reduce the time to market for one of our new solutions because of the large-scale and accurate job data delivery. Kudos to the JobsPikr team!”

– Data Science Manager AI-powered Job Matching Solution