Job Aggregator For Advanced Hiring Platforms

Job Aggregator for
Advanced Hiring Platforms

  • Aggregate job listings from job boards, career sites, and recruiter listings and consolidate them into a single searchable interface
  • Customize search for all your job search aggregator needs
  • Flexible job aggregation API
  • Global coverage, aggregating jobs from WordPress, Indeed and more
Job Aggregator Advanced Hiring Platforms

Aggregate Jobs for Advanced Hiring Platforms

Advanced hiring platforms require a strong and powerful job data feed. Power up your hiring platform using value-added data like skills, industry, job author, all from a single automated job feed. JobsPikr’s job aggregation service will help you acquire the job-listing data that will help you filter the right candidates for the organization. Our ML and Data Science models will help you derive quality insights like skill set, relevant experience, and salary insights of the candidate.’

JobsPikr will also help you classify the job-listings data into various standardized categories that will increase the quality of the data that is being acquired by you. Submit your requirements, sit back, and enjoy the data that is being fed into your servers like Amazon S3, FTP, and Dropbox.

Job Aggregator API Features

Niche Job Aggregation

Power up your advanced hiring platforms by aggregating niche jobs and collating them to your platform. Get job listings specific to your location, high demand, and find jobs based on required skills, all from a single source. JobsPikr enables bulk job search relevant to your niche in a single go. With our niche job listing service, keep your hiring platform updated with the latest job posts from around the world.

Career Portal Aggregation

With career portal aggregation, accumulate massive quantities of job listings multiple career portals and collate them in your platform. Jobspikr extracts job data from all kinds of jobs related data such as the latest job listings, companies that are hiring, skills in demand, and hiring locations from career portals to help you create organized job data feeds.

Unlimited Source Selection

Get job data feeds from millions of web pages at your preferred frequency to make your hiring platform the preferred choice for recruiters and candidates. Unlimited source selection and data aggregation at the required frequency make JobsPikr a trusted partner for advanced hiring platforms. Our infrastructure makes large-scale job data extraction easy.

Customizable to Need

Many of the world’s advanced hiring platforms trust JobsPikr for high-quality structured job data to ramp up operations. Whether you need to extract details such as job title, job description, salary, location, skills required, or only a few of them, we offer customized job aggregation based on your need. Fine-tune the job searching experience for recruiters and candidates alike with our custom job aggregation services.

Want to access the widest range of historical and active jobs from the market? JobsPikr is here to help!

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Get Listing from Major Job Sites

Indeed Job Aggregator

Being one of the largest job search aggregator sites, Indeed accumulates listings from thousands of sources across the internet, including job boards, company career sites, and recruiter listings. Download ready-to-use data in your preferred formats.

WordPress Job Aggregator

With wordPress being used on 67.2% of all the company websites on the internet, never overlook scraping wordpress aggregator sites while scanning for quality job data. Instantly populate your hiring platforms with jobs from the wordpress and job sites. Download data in your preferred format.

Linkedln Job Aggregation

Linkedin is the fastest-growing job search engine on the web today, indexing jobs exclusively from company websites and multiple sources. JobsPikr crawls Linkedln job aggregator sites to help you pull open roles and automatically posts them into your platform.

Challenges Advanced Hiring Platforms Face

Geographical Restrictions

Geographical restrictions are challenging for advanced hiring platforms while manually crawling multiple sources for job data.

Aggregating Data at Scale

The need for extracting data from job boards and career portals at scale is imperative to ace the recruitment game.

Outdated Job Listings

Outdated jobs impact hiring platforms’ credibility to a great extent. Keeping the hiring platforms updated with latest jobs is not an alternative, but is imperative.



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