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Labor Market Is Dynamic

JobsPikr Can Help

Why use JobsPikr Labor Market Insights

What it can do

  • Analyze industry trends based on cities, counties, companies that are hiring, skill sets that are trending and so on
  • Analyze your own advertised jobs against key competitors, recruiters in general, and the overall market
  • Support financial forecasting and understand where to invest and where to redirect resources
  • Estimate your own market share by region or profession to identify expansion possibilities
  • Review catchment areas for offices by estimating market share by distance
  • Track trends for skills and professions in demand – which sectors are growing or shrinking, and the impact on the related jobs

Suitable for

  • Market Analytics and research firm, HR Tech Companies, management Consultancies, staffing agencies, and other organizations that require labor market data and anlytics.

How does it work

  • We analyse the historical data we sourced from a large number of varied reliable sources over the years and source more data to help you analyse labor market and fulfil your requirements. .

Some of the industry leaders who use JobsPikr


Features of JobsPikr Insights

JobsPikr Insights Features
  • One-off Data Delivery: JobsPikr can share the historical job information covering specific aspects of the jobdata across predefined time periods as per your needs
  • Live Data Feeds: Live JobsPikr data feeds are available as a data source to connect directly into your internal analytics platforms and provide historical context and real-time labor market shifts
  • Aggregation API: Gets you the summary from data, without downloading the whole and huge data

Benefits Of Using JobsPikr Insights

  • Global Data Coverage: We’d have data from almost any country (list attached), for all your job analytics needs
  • Availability of Historical Data: We have been collecting and maintaining data since early 2019
  • Client Dashboard: TFor searching, discovering data characteristics and downloading data required for necessary analyses
  • Enriched Job Data:JobsPikr enriches data with standardized values and machine-learning derived inferences like skills, departments etc
  • Deduplication of the same job posted in multiple job boards.
  • Detailed analytics-ready data encompassing jobs, regions, time periods, skills, department and so on

Advantages of Partnering with Jobspikr

Job Market Data Advantage
  • Data Quality and Support: We are synonymous with reliable data
  • Flexible API: Ability to programmatically query using all the possible combinations of data fields
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