Automated Job Scraper for Job Boards

Automated Job Scraper for Job Boards

Job postings can be deemed as the most important aspect of a job board or job aggregator website. If your job board doesn’t have enough postings, job seekers aren’t going to stick around. This actually goes on as a vicious cycle where the lack of job postings will deter candidates and the fewer the candidates using your site, fewer will be the number of employers wanting to post their jobs on your job board.

If you are a fairly new job board, this problem can seem like a never-ending one. However, the only solution to this is to extract job postings data from company websites or other job boards to be fed into your site. Job postings scraping can augment your job board by making it rich with job postings, which is vital for the existence and growth of your job site.

An automated job scraper is the best solution when it comes to scraping job postings from company websites and job boards. That’s how we came up with JobsPikr, an AI-based data extraction solution that can automatically crawl and extract job listings from the career pages of company sites and job boards.

How JobsPikr Helps Acquire Job Postings Data

JobsPikr is essentially a web crawler program powered by our proprietary Auto extract machine learning algorithm which helps it identify various data fields found on most job listing pages, such as:

  • URL
  • Company name
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Job Text
  • Crawl Timestamp

The algorithm is powerful enough to identify most variations of these data points and can automatically scrape job postings from thousands of sites. The crawls are done on a daily frequency so as to provide users with fresh data on a continuous basis.

Why JobsPikr For Job Data

When it comes to job postings extraction, more is always better. If you are developing an in-house web crawling setup to extract job listings, you are bound to develop a crawler setup for each site you want to scrape jobs from. This isn’t scalable and you would end up wasting too much money and effort without sufficient results.

An automated job scraper like JobsPikr is the ideal solution here as it can extract job data from thousands of job boards and company sites at once, eliminating the need for separate crawler setups. Thus, JobsPikr helps you scrape job postings at scale, without burning a hole in your pocket.

This way, you can get job data for your job board in large quantities without having to worry about crawler issues and maintenance. All that’s left for you to do is connect this data with your website database in order to populate your website with job postings instantly.

JobsPikr can give you clean and raw job feed data that is required for your analysis and recruitment of candidates. Our JobsPikr API can help you get job feed data and use our job feed tool to search and identify the right candidates for the organization.