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The expectations and forecasts for the recruitment industry is incredibly promising for the next few years. The competition, for example is already at peak levels and is expected to tighten further. Having cutting-edge technologies to your aid is crucial when the competition is tough. In this context, Big Data and Business intelligence are the most powerful weapons to combat your competitors. Recruiters, who play a pivotal role in this industry should be abreast with the best practices and emerging trends to stay atop.

Failing to spot the trends as early as possible can negatively impact your  organization. Understanding your industry at a deeper level is key to making crucial business decisions, irrespective of the industry.

As we already have a goldmine of data from the recruitment industry which is in the form of job listings, we decided to derive some insights from it by visualizing the data. In this study, we picked the “Popular US” package offered by JobsPikr which provides access to job data from hundreds of popular sites from the U.S. These visualizations will help the HR professionals, employers and labor analytics firms get a quick peek into the recruitment landscape in USA.

Data points

We used the following data points to create the visualizations:

  • Company name
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Job Description

Date range: April 18th to May 25th 2017

As mentioned earlier, the geography that we chose was US; JobsPikr provides job data feeds from across the globe.


1. Company with the highest number of job postings

Company names

Home improvement and appliance retailer Lowe’s was the company with the highest number of job postings. Lowe’s had posted about 19,000 jobs in the duration of one month. Amazon is right behind Lowe’s with about 17,000 job listings. Amazon had recently announced that they will create 100,000 new jobs in the US alone. It’s interesting that both are customer facing companies with high revenue turnover. This is in line with the recent statistics showing that the retail industry is steadily improving in terms of market size and growth rate. Financial services firms are right behind them with identical number of job listings.


2. Popular job titles

Job titles

The most popular job title among the job postings in USA was Manager. There were about 26,000 job listings for the position of a manager during the period of one month. Other popular job titles are Sales associate, Service manager and Engineer with respect to the number of job listings posted.


3. Popular Locations


Texas was the state with the highest number of job listings, followed by New York, California and San Francisco.


4. Job titles VS Location

location vs job title

We visualized job titles and the location data in a single graph to see how they were related. California and New York had more job opportunities for IT professionals. Job titles like Engineer, Consultant, Analyst, and Software developer were popular in these states. People looking for jobs such as Sales associate, Customer support agent, Service manager and Technician will find more opportunities in Texas. Houston was the state that had very few job opportunities for the top 10 job titles.


5. Popular words in job descriptions

Jobs data worldcloud

We made a word cloud out of the popular words found in these job descriptions across listings and “Experience” turned out to be the winner. This implies that most companies are looking for candidates who have prior experience in the job role they will be taking over. The second most frequent word was “customer” — which indicates the customer-centricity of the companies. Other popular words include ‘Skills’, Knowledge and ‘Communication’. This word cloud should help candidates hone their right skills to improve the chances of getting hired by top companies.


Lowe’s was the company with the highest number of job postings in US with about 19,000 listings in a duration of one month. Manager was the most sought after role by companies across all the regions. While California and New York had more opportunities for IT professionals, opportunities in Texas were mostly for jobs that doesn’t need in-depth expertise. Experience, Customer, Skills, Knowledge, and Communication are the most used words in job descriptions across all domains. If you work in the recruitment industry, these insights should give you a rough idea about the current recruitment landscape in US. You could do further analyses on the job data feeds from JobsPikr to generate deep insights that could positively affect the bottom line of your company.

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