Product update: v2 brings more Sites, Better Customization & Freebies

Update: JobsPikr has a new major upgrade and now delivers data from job boards on top of company websites. Pay by tweet has been replaced with a 15 day free trial.

After two months of hard work and relentless testing, the time has come for us to announce the new version of JobsPikr. We’re thankful to the early users of our app who gave us valuable feedback and played a major role in the improvement of JobsPikr. We used the feedback that we got from them as well as the internal data about how our users interact with the application to ship these updates.

While we’re excited to realize that JobsPikr is going to be all the more valuable, we can’t wait for you to experience it yourself. Let’s go through a quick brief on some of the new changes and additions.

Industry-based filter

Many of our subscribers are companies that solely focus on specific niches. Most of them are also looking for job data from a particular industry or vertical. Although JobsPikr had geography-based classification for the job feeds, we realized that an industry filter feature would save our users a lot of time and effort. Users can now filter the sites by geography and/or industry and either handpick or select all sites at once from these. This should help those users who are looking to get job feeds from only a certain niche to a great extent.

Industry filter

Choose only the sites you need

Subscribing to one bundle (Sites grouped by geography) was mandatory in the previous version even if you only needed a few sites from our list. We decided to do away with this restriction with v2 and now you are free to select individual sites as you may please without any restrictions whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if you need only one site or a thousand sites.

Revised pricing

We have completely revised the pricing structure and it’s now more exciting than before. The new pricing structure not only brings the cost down for you, but also makes it more convenient as you now have the option to pay for your subscriptions on a monthly or quarterly basis. Here is the revised pricing structure.



Pay by tweet

We saved the best for the last! You can get free job feeds from up to 10 sites, for three months by tweeting about JobsPikr. And the best, you can always come back and extend the subscription for another three months by tweeting again. It’s forever free!

Pay by tweet

That’s not all

Apart from these major changes, we also made significant improvements to the core algorithm and more than doubled the number of sites available in our current pool. As a user, this would give you better control and targeting while picking the job feeds as well as more options to choose from. Try it out and let us know what you think about the all new version of JobsPikr. You can sign up and add your subscription by following this link.

Acquire clean and up-to-date job listings data in a structured format via JobsPikr.

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