JobsPikr’s 2019 Journey

JobsPikr Beta was launched in late 2017 and went through multiple iterations following the demands of our growing user base. It has been a thrilling year for JobsPikr, accompanied with its highs and lows, pushing us further towards our set targets. There were times we had to push really hard because some of the assumed traction wasn’t coming in.  JobsPikr has gone through a lot of brainstorming and reshaping, thanks to all the continuous customer feedback. 

Pivot from source-specific jobs towards a jobs database

JobsPikr in its earliest form was designed to provide job feeds from company career pages and other specific sources of interest. 2019 saw a major pivot from that concept towards being able to search across jobs by location, title, keywords and the like. 

Currently, we are at 30 million job listings and counting. It has been great learning solidifying these sources and adding newer sources by the day as we grow the index.

Expanded user base

JobsPikr saw a major expansion in terms of the number of companies using this data. It also saw the evolution of customer segments with the growth and new needs of the users. 

JobsPikr now has customers from France, Italy, Denmark, South Africa, and Mexico among other countries like the US, UK, NL, and AU. We also have a lot of AI-driven companies in our user base, who are looking to enhance their AI engines with big accurate data.

Major features for checking expired jobs, download schedules and support

2019 saw a plethora of features being shipped almost every month. JobsPikr added features for checking for expired/active jobs, which was one of the most desired features across our user base. As a JobsPikr user, you can now only retrieve jobs that are still active. Furthermore, you can see if a previous job has expired. This empowers our users to deduce average timelines to close a position based on the location, job title, company or source. 

Other features that were launched were the ability to set up data download schedules, the option to exclude company names and XML format option for data ingestion among many other smaller features that catered to individual user requests. Support is now seamlessly integrated into JobsPikr wherein issues can be raised and tracked easily.

Enriched data and increasing industry coverage

Jobs data that started out only with the essentials like job title, location, and description, now has an exhaustive list of fields that include salary details, HTML format of the job description, last date to apply, and current status of the job. Moreover, we now have jobs from across sectors like hospitality, healthcare, non-profit, media & communication, retail, etc. For instance, we did a quick visualization of cloud architect and product designer jobs from our database some time ago. Below is a quick representation of the insights we derived.


Onward and Upward

JobsPikr has evolved into a one-stop job data solution catering to the needs of every industry and segment be it job boards, placement agencies or analytic companies looking to monitor market signals. Moving into 2020, our goal is to strengthen our position further on our mission enabling business success via data. There’s already a huge feature backlog that the team is skillfully working on.

We aim to expand our jobs index by another 20M dataset and add newer industry niches while making the solution more robust and easy to use. We’d also like to initiate strategic partnerships in this space to help more businesses succeed by leveraging easy access to data, which is otherwise generally difficult to obtain.

Best Job Board Software Compared

With the advent of online job-hunting in the twenty-first century, we have seen multiple job boards and job matching services crop up. While some of them are popular worldwide, some are well known in the regions or niches they operate in. A job board can even be started in a day if you have the right tools. You need a continuously updated data-feed for which you can go with a DaaS provider like JobsPikr, an automated job-discovery tool built by our team at PromptCloud. Once your data-feed is arranged, you will need to use a job-board software to get your job board up and running. While there are several job board software used in the market today, we will be focusing on the most popular ones and we will be mentioning differences in key areas such as – cost, features, support, trial period, clients, support for mobile app/website and additional benefits.

1. Features

      1. SmartJobBoard is a flexible job-board software that comes with multiple features which would help job board owners, companies who want to post new jobs, as well as job applicants. It has 5 different minimalistic themes that come with the standard package. It allows auto-parsing of resumes so that the fields need not be filled separately by applicants and can be auto-filled from data in the resume. 
      2. EjobsiteSoftware is another job-board software that comes with a full application-tracking system. You can create a fully functioning job board website with a custom homepage, along with an applicant-tracking software, and iOS and Android Apps.
      3. Any job board created using MatchWork will start with a white-label job board to which you can add features that are all constantly upgraded. Ready-made designs and templates exist but you can also choose your design patterns in order to stand out. They also provide statistics on daily usage and traffic on the website.
      4. With no software installation required, if you are using, your job board can be up and running in minutes. The entire tech-stack is handled by them, so you do not need to worry about a thing. All you need to do is sign up, select a domain and start your board. New features will get added to your job board timely and you will be able to take advantage of the SEO ready templates too.
      5. For a highly custom approach, you can choose to go with JobBoardMount, which is a comprehensive and fully customizable job board software, that can help you create a responsive and mobile-ready job board. You can use a template or create a custom template. It comes ready with social media integrations.

2. Cost 

      1. For SmartJobBoard, their Basic pack will cost you $179/month and will get you all the basic features. With the $299 premium pack, you will be getting 5 job auto imports via XML feed link and some advanced features such as multiple admin login ids, auto-resume parsing, and use custom fields in job-listings. There’s also a custom Enterprise version with migration assistance for which you will need to contact sales.
      2. EjobsiteSoftware comes at $600, with ten built-in themes, 5GBs of annual hosting memory, iPhone and Android apps, Social Login, SEO/Marketing strategies and also other customizations.
      3. No information is present about the cost of MatchWork’s services.
      4. comes at $249/month for the basic plan with email job alerts for 500 subscribers, payment options via Stripe and Paypal, and unlimited custom pages and blog. The professional plan comes at $349/month and includes an additional administration to help you manage your job board. There is also an enterprise edition that is available for a custom price. It comes with special features such as API access.
      5. If you are looking for a hosted solution, the monthly fees are $325/ month, and there’s an initial activation fee of $4950. There are also additional charges for custom design, SEO, spider and more. In case you want a standalone license, it will cost you $6500 for the encrypted source and $9500 for the full source code which you can both edit and host. 

3. Existing Clients

SmartJobBoard has clients that include TrulyHired, JobsInMaine and ChiroRecruit. EjobsiteSoftware has built hundreds of job boards which you can check out here. MatchWork boasts of multiple Job Boards such as SydJob and Ofir. has a separate webpage where they boast of the different job boards that they have built in the form of various case studies. JobBoardMount is the only software in the group that sports big industry names such as SalesForce.

4. Trial Period  

You can use SmartJobBoard and for 14 days for free before actually subscribing to their services. No trial option is available for EjobsiteSoftware, MatchWork, and JobMount.

5. Special Features

    1. SmartJobBoard comes with Mailchimp integration by default. So if you need to send emails to your job-applicants or companies advertising on your website, you can do that easily, without the need for any new integration. It also helps you to create a copy of your job board on a Facebook Brand page. This would provide more exposure to your job posts. They also allow API integrations, so if you are using a DaaS provider like JobsPikr to provide you with a continuous feed of jobs, you can use the APIs to make sure the data is automatically populated in the website. 
    2. EjobsiteSotware provides features such as searching for jobs by duration, US Zip code, resume management dashboard, newsletter integration, and separate control panel for job seekers.
    3. MatchWork provides an import CV from LinkedIn option since most people have their latest updates on LinkedIn but not on their resume. They help build job boards that are highly connected to social media. For example, you can auto-publish on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter thereby saving a lot of time for the social media team.
    4. makes sure that all your blogs, webpages and listings are SEO optimised, and include semantic structuring, sitemap generation, user-friendly URLs and more.
    5. When using JobBoardMount, you can get XML feed for job postings from top job aggregators like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Flexible APIs are offered for adding other features such as 3rd party integrations, batch upload of bulk job-feed, etc.

6. Support for Mobile app/website

SmartJobBoard claims to use responsive templates which would make websites designed by them, work flawlessly across any screen sizes. EJobSite offers source code of Android and iOS applications to help you set up mobile applications for your job board. MatchWork, JobBoardMount and also claim to build job boards that are fully responsive and automatically adjust to any screen size. MatchWork adds that the functionalities on the mobile view are supposed to be the same as the one on a desktop. 


These were some of the commonly used Job Board Software and the different features and distinctions among them. As we saw, most of them offered certain features while some features were offered only by one or two. The differences among them have been highlighted so that when you need a job board software, you have some data to back up your decision. 

JobsPikr V3.0 is here: Monitor Hiring Trends and get a Tailored Job Feed

It’s been 2 years since the initial launch of JobsPikr as an automated tool to gather fresh job postings data from the web. We’ve made tremendous improvements over the last 2 years and not only has the data coverage improved drastically, we also did quite a lot of advancements in terms of how it can be consumed. Today, we’re excited to launch JobsPikr v3 which is a major upgrade to our platform since the introduction of job boards as a data source. Let’s quickly walk you through the new features and additions to look forward to in this release.

1. Build your own job feed using granular filters

With the older versions of JobsPikr, you could subscribe to sites and job boards based with some basic filters. With JobsPikr v3, you can create custom search queries based on a wide array of filters such as location, job title, job posting date, set of keywords and more.


2. Data preview and easy data download

You don’t have to actually download the data file to get a glimpse of how your data will look. The selection window has a data preview area built into it where you can see the total number of records available for your specific query along with 10 sample records.

Once you’re satisfied with the results, you can simply select the number of job listings required and directly download the processed files from the dedicated data downloads section.

data download

3. Open API to query your data

JobsPikr v3 comes with an open API to programmatically access your data using your internal system. You can build a JSON to query the API and get your required data as the output. To make things easier, you can even use the built-in query builder available in the dashboard’s API section to build API queries.

jobspikr api

4. Transparent and straightforward pricing

JobsPikr v3 has a simple and straightforward pricing structure which is designed with the needs of various segments of our users in mind and we’re sure you’ll find a plan which fits your bill perfectly.  Pricing is based on the number of records you can download and there’s no set up cost or hidden fees.

jobspikr pricing

Ready to try the all new version of JobsPikr?

We have been constantly working on the feedback received from our existing users and have incorporated many of the much sought after features in v3. We’re really eager for you to try it out and feel free to reach out if you have questions. You can log in/sign up on JobsPikr app here.

Analyzing and Visualizing Healthcare Job Data in the Europe

Europe’s job market is now booming with lucrative opportunities for highly skilled individuals and the demand is at a peak. This is even more pronounced in the healthcare sector which is currently undergoing rapid innovation, thanks to the proliferation of big data technologies. The European healthcare market is expected to cross US $224 Billion by 2022 at a double-digit CAGR growth in the given forecast period.
Given the promising growth forecast, we decided to do some deeper analysis on the healthcare job market in Europe. For this study, we selected a job board catering exclusively to the healthcare sector in Europe called


The dataset that we analyzed contained more than 229,500 records and with the following data fields:

Popular job categories

The top 3 job categories are Pharmaceutical, Research and Sales. In contrast, openings for Physicians were very few in number, falling below 10,000. This could indicate that although there is demand for high-skilled jobs, the market looks competitive on that front. Research being the second most popular job category indicates the promising research and development that the healthcare industry is going through at the moment. Another interesting find is Data and Statistics finding place among the top 10 job categories in healthcare.

Job type

When it comes to job type, it’s obvious that most job openings are Permanent in nature whereas very few companies are looking for Temporary, Seasonal and Part time employees in the healthcare sector. This could be because healthcare jobs typically demand full time involvement of the employees. This makes sense since healthcare jobs are not something that you can pursue casually.

Popular job locations

It’s not surprising that UK comes up as the most popular location with job openings for healthcare professionals in the Europe. The locations with the least job openings are Basel, Italy, Paris and Spain. So, if you’re looking for a career in the healthcare sector, UK is definitely your best bet as it undoubtedly has the highest number of job opportunities in Europe.

Job categories vs Locations

When we compare the job categories with the locations, the trends are similar with UK leading as the location with the widest range of job categories across Europe. Research jobs are in demand in almost all the locations. The job openings for Physicians seem to be particularly concentrated in the UK.

Top companies hiring

When it comes to the companies with huge demand for healthcare professionals, we can see that the top spots are secured by recruitment agencies.


With this study, we could successfully bring out some less-known insights pertaining to the healthcare industry in Europe. We found that the UK has the most number of job opportunities for healthcare professionals, irrespective of their skill level. The highest number of job openings were in Pharmaceutical department, whereas the jobs available for Physicians are very few in comparison. We also saw that the jobs requiring Data and Statistics skills are on the rise.  Although the healthcare sector typically reacts to changes in a slower pace, it’s great to see new-age technologies joining hands with healthcare, since it has the potential to bring about ground-breaking changes to human lives.

Acquire clean and up-to-date job listings data in a structured format via JobsPikr.

A Compilation of Expert Views on Recruitment Innovation

There’s no doubting the importance of recruitment as a crucial process for the stability and continued growth of any organization. With the ever-increasing competition, the importance of the critical business function has taken a new turn. Nowadays, attracting the right talent has become harder and retaining them is another challenge in itself.

The situation has already gotten the attention of the top influencers in the recruitment space and the industry is seeing new and unique innovations aimed at solving various issues. This could make it challenging for businesses to acquire top talent, unless they embrace the new-age changes disrupting the recruitment industry and come up with innovative solutions. Innovative recruitment technologies and practices will enable recruiters to help organizations position their job vacancies at the top of the stack by standing out in a positive way. We wanted to explore further about the innovative and disruptive changes taking the recruitment industry by storm. Hence, we reached out to a few selected job board portals for their views on new-age recruitment and compiled some additional quotes from the web.

“The most innovative things we are seeing in recruitment is companies converting to technology that job seekers actually use. Instead of asking candidates to use resume and submit it using 1990’s internet logins and passwords companies are using the technology that millennials are comfortable with. Applying through Facebook or by text message is going to become the new normal as it is the methods that billions of people use to communicate. Screening candidates using simple mobile questionnaires, assessments, and video will not only reduce the cost per hire but also allow companies that manage data well to hire better employees through lean and continuous improvement of their processes.”

Kael Campbell

President, Red Seal Recruiting Solutions Ltd.

“The chronic shortage of reliable talent has forced aggregator sites, job boards and employers to become much more candidate friendly in their approach. We have witnessed innovation in technological solutions as well in recruiting processes and procedures.  As for technological solutions, Indeed has extended more recruiting options, Google entered the recruiting space with their Job Widget and we, at, have overhauled the site to embrace the change. As for processes and procedures, companies have become much more sophisticated in their handling of recruiting leads, by extensively deploying functionalities within their Application Tracking System and by segmenting the inbound leads by user need and assigning them to dedicated recruiters.”

Nicola Marconato,

“If you get your recruiters addicted to your CRM – great data, speedy and transparent processes – then things change!  CRMFirst is a mantra at Barclay Jones.  Not CRMOnly – other systems are crucial – LinkedIn, Job Boards etc… but the sales funnel needs a strong data set and CRM to drive it.

Marketers are not just for clicks, PDFS, PPTs, branded mugs and Broadband management. They are more than a “colouring-in department”. They need to innovate next year and generate clients, candidates and consultants, not just content.“

Lisa Jones

Founder and Director at Barclay Jones

“Take away managers’ power over employees

Learn from your best employees-and your worst

Hire only people who are smarter than you are, no matter how long it takes to find them

Pay unfairly (it’s more fair!)

Don’t trust your gut: Use data to predict and shape the future

Default to open-be transparent and welcome feedback

If you’re comfortable with the amount of freedom you’ve given your employees, you haven’t gone far enough.”

Laszlo Bock

Former Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, Inc

“While it might seem ironic, artificial intelligence and machine learning are well on the way to lending a helping hand when it comes to solving the problems of human capital management.

Recent estimates put the cost to find and hire a new employee at a quarter of a million dollars – a cost that can quickly become astronomical if that person turns out to be wrong for the role.  With the ever increasing data available about candidates and employees, some innovative AI companies are taking on the challenge of helping improve talent acquisition efficiency and effectiveness.”

Rudina Seseri

Founder and managing partner at Glasswing Ventures.

“Design thinking. It’s a mindset, a way to solve complex problems. It really helps you empathize with your client, your hiring manager, your candidate. It helps you come up with unexpected, imaginative solutions that really benefit the stakeholders you’re working with. I really believe that we’re going to see design thinking practices and tools, like candidate journey mapping, used in recruitment.”

Chad MacRae

Founder of Recruiting Social


While technology has a great role to play when it comes to innovations in any field, recruitment innovation is also about coming up with policies, practices and technologies that are more candidate-friendly and help the company in the long-term. This requires careful planning and implementation and it’s already high time to get on the new-age recruitment bandwagon. From the quotes we gathered from the thought leaders in this field, it’s clear that Big Data and AI are going to have a significant roles in recruitment in the coming years.

Acquire clean and up-to-date job listings data in a structured format via JobsPikr.