Top 50 Niche Job Boards

Job boards help connect job seekers with employers and that’s just the basic operational model of a typical job board site. If you dig deeper, you’d find that the world of job boards is a lot more diverse and vast than that. For starters, there are job boards that get a little innovative in the way they connect employers and job seekers. Hired is one such creative job board that deviates from the conventional model by putting candidates up for bid. Employers compete to win the attention of the candidates and once a deal is struck, the regular interview process follows.

That was just an example of an innovative job board. To illustrate the bigger picture, we decided to compile an exhaustive list of niche boards that cater to various niche jobs, work on different models and range from small to large size. Let’s get started.

Tech and Coding

  1. Crunch Board

Crunch Board is the official job board of TechCrunch, the leading blog on tech and startup culture.

  1. GitHub –

GitHub is a web-based Git or version control repository and Internet hosting service. The huge popularity of Github makes its job board an ideal option for job seekers.

  1. iCrunchData –

This advanced job board makes use of latest AI technologies to help employers in securing high-quality tech talent.

  1. Stack Overflow –

Almost every developer relies on Stack Overflow to find solutions to the coding problems they face on a daily basis and this is exactly what makes Stack Overflow job board the best place to find talented developers.


  1. Talent Zoo –

TalentZoo is a niche job board for advertising, marketing, creative and design professionals.

  1. Freshgigs –

Freshgigs is a Canadian job site where you can find marketing, communications and creative Jobs. The talent you find on Freshgigs is pre-screened, so you can be assured about the quality of the professionals.

  1. Public Relations Society of America –

The Public Relations Society of America is a nonprofit trade association for public relations professionals. It is headquartered in New York city and is one of the best places to find marketing professionals in the USA.


  1. All Retail Jobs –

AllRetailJobs is the largest job marketplace for the retail industry, featuring corporate, store management and hourly positions.

  1. Job-Lux –

JobLux is a niche social network where luxury brands professionals can find job opportunities, industry news and networking tools to help them land the right jobs.

  1. Careers in Grocery –

Careers in Grocery brings together hundreds of thousands of employment openings from the leading supermarket and grocery store employers across the world.


  1. Coroflot –

Coroflot is the best place to find creative talent if you are a design-driven company looking to stand out in your space with a unique design.

  1. Job Edge –

Jobedge is a Canadian job board site dedicated to helping designers and creative professionals like graphic designers, UI designers, etc land their dream jobs.

  1. Creative Heads –

Creative Heads is a niche job board focused on video game, animation, VFX and software technology jobs.

Finance and Banking

  1. efinancialcareers –

If you’re looking for banking career opportunities or looking to hire banking professionals, is a job board you can rely upon.

  1. Financial Job Bank –

FinancialJobBank is one of the leading job boards where you can easily search and find a career in the finance industry.

  1. AccountingJobsToday  –

Accounting Jobs Today helps employers reach thousands of relevant and targeted finance and accounting professionals.

  1. Jobs4Actuary – is one of the top search engines for actuarial job opportunities worldwide.


  1. Healthcare Jobsite –

Healthcare Jobsite is a dedicated job portal that connects doctors, nurses and pharmaceutical professionals.

  1. Health Staff –

Healthstaff is more than just a healthcare industry job board; it helps employers and health professionals through every step of the recruitment process like immigration, licensure and relocation.

  1. Travel Nursing – is a career portal for nurses who are seeking travelling opportunities in addition to a great career in the healthcare industry.

  1. Health Career Seeker –

Health Career Seeker helps connect healthcare employers and top talent in all disciplines through its online job board network.

  1. Medzilla –

Medzilla is the best place to find a career in Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine or healthcare science.


  1. Philanthropy – is one of the authority sites in this niche with news, resources and data on non-profit foundations and projects. You can use the job board to find a non-profit job opportunity in your region.

  1. Dot.Org.Jobs –

Dot.Org.Jobs is a niche job board where you can find volunteers for philanthropic work or opportunities to work in a non-profit project.

  1. Philanthropy News Digest –

Owing to its popularity as a philanthropy magazine, PhilanthropyNewsDigest makes for a great niche job board where you can find job opportunities in nonprofit organizations.


  1. Jobs in Logistics – is one of the largest logistics job board specializing in career opportunities in logistics, supply chain, distribution, warehousing, transportation and manufacturing.

  1. Jobs in Trucks –

This job board site is dedicated to driver jobs, operator jobs and trucking careers across USA and Canada.

  1. Supply Chain Management Association –

The supply chain management association of Canada maintains this job board which lists job opportunities in transportation, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain.


  1. Jobs in Manufacturing –

This job board specializes in manufacturing careers with jobs listed from over 50 manufacturing subcategories.

  1. – is one of the leading job boards for careers in the manufacturing and production sector.

  1. Blue Collar Jobs – is a great resource for job opportunities in industrial manufacturing and construction including welders, electricians, machinists, CNC programmers and maintenance jobs.


  1. U.S. Trades LLC –

U.S. Trades LLC is a career portal that offers a pool of electrical and mechanical craftsmen, prescreened for ability, experience, and reliability.

  1. Red Seal Recruiting –

Red Seal recruiting matches the right people with skilled trades manager jobs from Canada. They have an exhaustive array of opportunities and a pool of skilled talent.  

  1. CH2M Hill Careers –

CH2M hill careers is a job portal specializing in heavy infrastructure manufacturing careers.


  1. Society for Conservation Biology –

The Society for Conservation Biology is a community of conservation professionals dedicated to utilizing the advancements of science for the conservation of the environment. If you love working for a cause, their job board is the place to go.

  1. ConservationJobBoad –

This job board lets you search the newest ecology internships, jobs and graduate positions to kickstart your career as an ecologist.

  1. ESA –

This job board, which is run by the Ecological Society of America helps you find job openings in the field of ecology.


  1. Two Lingos –

TwoLingos is an online job portal for translation companies and translators.

  1. LocalJobApplications –

This job board specializes in entry-level bilingual jobs that involve simple translation tasks.

Security Clearance

  1. Clearance Jobs – helps you find a security clearance job in cybersecurity, aerospace, logistics, geospatial, engineering and more.


  1. Sales Gravy –

SalesGravy is a popular platform that connects thought leaders, job seekers and employers from the competitive world of sales. SalesGravy job board is a great place to find job opportunities in sales.

  1. Sales Heads –

SalesHeads is a dedicated job board site for sales professionals. It has a pool of talented candidates and great job opportunities to choose from.

  1. Medical Reps – is a career job board offering jobs from more than 300+ employment sites and medical associations.


  1. Math Classifieds –

MathClassifieds is run by the Mathematical Association of America and offers top career opportunities in Mathematics.

  1. Math –

MathJobs is operated by American Mathematical Society and is a recruitment portal for mathematical institutions worldwide.


  1. Space Jobs –

SpaceJobs opens up the exciting world of opportunities from the space industry with their easy to use job search engine.

  1. Space Careers –

Space-Careers is one of the largest job bulletin boards for the space sector with thousands of job opportunities to choose from.

  1. New Scientist Jobs –

New Scientist Jobs is more than just a job board, it offers career advice and actionable courses along with the best science and technology jobs.

  1. Physics & Astronomy Online –

Physics & Astronomy Online brings interesting news and articles on physics along with their job portal where you can find jobs in physics, engineering and astronomy.

50. Nasa Jobs –

This job board maintained by Nasa wouldn’t need much of an introduction.  However, this is the space to watch if you’re looking to work with Nasa.


While the mainstream job boards are more than sufficient for freshers who are looking for their first job or someone looking for a career change, these niche job boards help professionals who are looking to level up their careers by identifying the best opportunities in their respective industry. 

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Scaling Job Boards with Automated Job feeds

You’re probably aware of the fact that the job boards industry had already hit its saturation point long back. Now, there is a job board that caters to every sector and niche that you can think of – Programmers, Designers, Marketers, HR professionals, you name it. We’re talking about tens of thousands of job boards here. What does this intense competition mean for job boards? It means it’s time to stand out from the rest or be forgotten. Let’s see what it takes for job boards to thrive and grow amidst the present challenges in the market.

When the market is saturated, the only way to stand out is to significantly beef up your offerings, both for the recruiters and the job seekers. There’s one great lesson that job boards can learn from Facebook – the reason Facebook turned out to be a massive success is because they managed to get everybody on their platform. When all your friends are on Facebook, there’s literally no point in seeking another social network to connect with your friends. Similarly, job seekers and recruiters need a single job board where they get all or most of the available jobs and candidates.

Simply put, if you want to take your job board to the next level, you should be focusing on being a platform with more job listings. Job seekers would love the convenience of finding all relevant jobs in a single place.

What job boards should be focusing on now

Focus on a niche

Beating the top job boards like Indeed, Monster and LinkedIn to take their place can be a tough mission. Newer job boards are better off focusing on a specific niche, say jobs for web developers. If you find an untapped niche with great potential, you will find it easier to evade the competition and get noticed.   You can also build a geo-specific job board that focuses on a particular geography to get an edge in the competition. Some examples of geo-specific job boards are , and

Get all the jobs

Remember that you will have to get all the jobs in one place to actually make an impact. Lack of opportunities will drive job seekers away from your job board, sooner or later. Manually gathering job listings is not going to help you scale up fast enough. Turning towards automated web data extraction solutions would be your best bet when looking for a way to populate your job board with thousands of job listings.

More value-added services

Offering add-on services is a great way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Now that the job boards market is quite saturated, you will have to come up with features and services that can make the life of recruiters and job seekers easier. You could consider offering domain-based insights from the pool of jobs and job seekers or the average salary ranges to provide a richer experience to the users.

When it comes to marketing, you could also consider using big brand names for advertising your job boards. This easy hack only requires you to advertise jobs from big names in the industry like – jobs at Microsoft, jobs at Uber, jobs at Google and so on. This can help you attract candidates to your job board with minimal effort.

Solving the ‘chicken and egg’ problem

The biggest challenge especially during the beginning stages of a job board is the chicken and egg problem. This happens because in order for your job board to attract job seekers, it should have quite a good number of job listings and recruiters wouldn’t post jobs unless you have a sufficient pool of candidates as users. The best way to tackle this issue is to focus on one side first. You will have to focus on getting either more recruiters or candidates first and the other party will follow, eventually. It is recommended to focus on attracting candidates first.

To attract candidates to your job board, you need a significant number of relevant job postings on your site. Since you cannot expect companies to post jobs on your empty job board site, you will have to rely on a job data feed solution like JobsPikr to populate your site with fresh job listings from job boards and company websites.

How job feeds from JobsPikr can help

JobsPikr is a job data delivery platform that extracts job listings from job boards and career pages of company websites across the globe. It uses an intelligent machine learning algorithm to identify various data fields from job listing pages and can do this efficiently and at scale.

JobsPikr was built to solve the biggest problems faced by job board websites – lack of up-to-date, accurate and adequate job listings. By subscribing to relevant job data bundles in JobsPikr which are segregated by geographies, you will have ready access to the job listings from all the sites in that region, as and when it gets published on the websites.

The complexities associated with extracting job data is taken care of by the AutoExtract engine that’s under the hood and delivers the data in a clean and structured format, ready to be plugged into your database. Since the data feeds from JobsPikr are delivered in a ready-to-use format, you can save some precious time that could have gone into processing the data for your website.

Having fresh job listings is definitely a USP for job board websites and JobsPikr makes for a great solution to get this data effortlessly and at a reasonable cost. We are currently working on new feature additions for the upcoming version that includes an option to select job data feeds sorted by the industry.

Bottom line

Since the job board market is filled with domain agnostic and niche players, it’s a tough market to get into or even sustain. Job listings being the fuel that job boards run on, you simply cannot afford to run out of it. As a job board business trying to capture the market share, you should in fact be looking for efficient ways of filling your site with more job listings. JobsPikr provides a great deal of value to the job boards trying to scale up their business by offering fresh job data feeds.

Acquire clean and up-to-date job listings data in a structured format via JobsPikr.

How Indeed Works and What You Should Learn From Them

Counted amongst top job sites worldwide, is known for its unique features that help align the right candidates for the right job roles. The job site records more than 200 million visitors per month and its services are available in over 60 global countries and 28 different languages. The website now covers 94% of global GDP and contributes to global recruitment processes with its unique pay-for-performance recruitment and advertising network.

The WordPress job board plugin also helps the companies to find out which candidate wants to apply for a role that is vacant in the organization or no. When there is a job post that is posted on the website which is created with the help of WordPress the plugin helps a lot for the organization or the person making the changes as it is simple and easy to use. The plugin can easily be used and a theme can be created and the necessary buttons can be dragged and dropped into the theme layout and create a job board. The page builder helps in a way like no other, you can create application forms for the candidates to sign up for and use the same for further information. A dedicated job board manager must be present at all times so that he can monitor the influx of job candidates that they receive on a regular basis.

Indeed’s History and Statistics

Indeed is known to millions of targeted applicants and offers plenty of job options in almost every field. The platform is branded as one of the most cost-effective sources for finding the best-suited candidates for thousands of companies located all over the world. As per recent reports published on similarweb, the job site is ranked 83 and 33 amongst popular job portals located globally and domestically, respectively. The same report reveals that 19.41% of traffic is coming from referrals and 37.62% is coming from searches. The average search analysis matrix includes 87.32% of organic search results, while 12.68% traffic is coming from paid searches. 1.73% of traffic is from Social platforms, out of which Facebook and YouTube contribute the most with 46.31% and 25.63%, respectively.

How Does Indeed work for Job Seekers?

Owing to its vast industrial reach and reliable employment network, most of the recruiters, job seekers, and HR managers are relying on this job site for getting the right candidates and jobs. The portal comes with various add-on benefits and added convenience support to help you find the right talent with great ease. Following are some of the key factors that the website uses to engage more users and to offer immediate assistance while finding the right candidate:

1. Allows You to Post a Job in 5 Minutes

The job portal offers optimal ease by letting you post a job on its interface by just investing 5 minutes of your business schedules. The portal requires a registered account to help you offer seamless access to your already made profiles, which helps in monitoring responses for submitted application requests, and track candidate participation. It will not take more than 5 minutes to get your company registered on the portal and then you can start posting from the WordPress jobs board for free.

2. Get Your Jobs Sponsored to Attract More Candidates

Undoubtedly, millions of new jobs are added to Indeed each month and most of them get ample responses from potential candidates with sponsored job posting support. It is agreeable that free job postings lose visibility and may make you wait long to get suitable responses from targeted candidates, but choosing sponsored ads over regular ones can get assured responses in lesser time. If you wish to hire fast, then you will require promoting your job posts through Sponsored Jobs section. Make your jobs appear as the first options to potential candidates, and hire smart with added comfort.

3. Well-Versed Candidate Management Dashboard

The job site features a detailed dashboard to help you manage your candidates with great ease. Job applicants will send their interest via emails and it may become difficult for you to manage everything at its best. The Indeed dashboard can assist you while reviewing applications, scheduling interviews and viewing recommended candidates from a single pane.

4. Find the Right Fit for Mentioned Profile

You can easily update your job description or budget any time. This can help in driving more people to your jobs and helps in converting them as your potential employees. You can use Indeed Resume service to find the exact candidates by mentioning the skills and experience you have been looking for.

What is the Exact Functioning Model?

Undoubtedly, Indeed is offering a seamless interface to help a job seeker and an employer meet for mutual benefits. The portal lists various job opportunities and help HR managers and recruiters to announce vacancies in their organization to masses. On the other hand, it serves as an updated database to help job seekers find job as per their relevant industries and send applications to those jobs with added convenience. The website uses a web crawler to search and find jobs that are being published by various employers. The data collected by the web crawler is then shown on their website. The website integrates parent website, hosting the job opportunity, to its database and enable employees to get redirected to the career section of the employer, if they click on the listed job opportunity.

Apart from serving as a job listing platform for job seekers, the portal also helps employers in finding their potential candidates with the help of its web crawler engine. The website requires an employer or its representative to create an account, feed in user’s details, and latest openings with descriptions about what they are looking for. While publishing job postings on this portal, it requests you to add several relevant keywords and skills that can assist in speeding up the process of finding the right candidate. If entered properly, the search capabilities of the website can help you to gain access to profiles of potential candidates, and you can contact them directly.

What Other Players Must Learn From Indeed.Com?

Since the portal is known for offering access to millions of jobs from all over the globe with its brilliant web crawling mechanism, Indeed is fast emerging as a preferred choice of job seekers when it comes to finding the apt job in a mentioned industry. On other hand, it is also helping employers to contact relevant candidates by considering their profiles published on the platform. The best thing about this website is its unique pay-for-performance pricing model. The model helps you to get assured results by assisting you to pay only when you get results. Offering complete flexibility to hiring decisions and processes, here’s all the website has to make other job posting websites a big success:

1. Concept of Sponsored Jobs

Making your job listed as a Sponsored Job helps you to reach out to potential candidates at the earliest by making your job posting appear on the top of the search results. It makes the listing appear as the first job people see in search results while looking for a particular role or in a specific category. Sponsored Jobs are highlighted in search results to help an employer get greater visibility as compared to a free job listing. As per the metric shared by the company, sponsored jobs gets up to 5X more clicks than free job listings.

2. Charge for What You Have Delivered

The website follows the pay per performance advertising network, thus, outliving all the traditional forms of making the world know about your vacant positions. The concept is really helpful and attracts more employers to post their jobs online because they will only pay when someone clicks on the published job to view it. In this method, the employer has all the control over making the hiring process a big success. Incorporating a feature similar to this can assist other job posting portals to build better images, and get faster responses for their submitted job requests within defined budget targets.

3. Use a Smart Applicant Tracking System

You may have often received job applications from potential candidates, but couldn’t have been able to handle them correctly. A miss in communication may lead to severe conditions, wherein you may end up losing a potential candidate who could be the best fit for the mentioned profile. If you wish to get crowned as the owner of the best job listing portal, then you must incorporate a robust applicant tracking systems (ATS) for managing online recruiting tasks and procedures. Tracking applicants and hiring procedures online can assist in making the world simpler and assists in closing mentioned profiles within stipulated time-frame.


Undoubtedly, Indeed is one of the fasted growing job listing portals that’s servicing recruitment requests across the globe. Indeed utilizes amazing web crawling capabilities and data extraction techniques to help candidates and employers find what they are looking for with ease. There is a lot that other websites can learn from this global recruitment giant and applying these findings can assist even small start-ups to grow beyond imagination.

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Can Google Hire take on LinkedIn?

Google certainly has no plans to stop experimenting despite repeatedly failing to succeed in certain areas like social media. Google launched Orkut when social media was on the rise but quickly lost it to Facebook. Although they made a second attempt with Google+, it’s safe to say that the platform still doesn’t have the same reach that Facebook enjoys. Although Google’s past with social media doesn’t show anything substantial, they have recently unveiled details of a new platform called “Hire”- A job site which is most likely to become a contender for LinkedIn.

According to a Google spokesperson, Hire will help Google suite users manage and simplify their hiring process. The platform will enable employers to collect candidate applications online, which is pretty much what LinkedIn and other popular job boards like Indeed and Monster have been doing all this while. There are high chances for Hire to take off considering the shortcomings of LinkedIn – the current leader in professional networking. Will Hire be different from Google’s social media experiments?

What we know about Hire so far

Despite the announcement, there isn’t much information available on the details of the upcoming platform. Although the site exists, it’s not possible to sign up. From what we’ve heard, Hire will function a lot like a regular job site, enabling companies to post job listings so that job seekers can search and find their next job. Here is a sneak peek of the candidate’s side of the solution, taken from the links present on Bebop’s (an early stage startup acquired by Google in 2015) website.

It also seems that the service would come with the added benefit of working from within the Google ecosystem, something which a big majority of businesses and candidates are accustomed to already. This will certainly make the process of finding and applying for jobs easier for the users. The user-friendliness of Google products can also be something LinkedIn would want to watch out for, considering the unintuitive UI that LinkedIn currently sports.

There were some posts suggesting that Google might share users’ search history with the employers, followed by the public announcement of Hire. However, Google has dismissed this claim which had even appeared on reputed sites like the Dailymail and there doesn’t seem to be cause for concern.

What’s wrong with LinkedIn

One of biggest reasons to believe Google Hire could take off is the not so welcoming user interface of LinkedIn. Let’s accept it – LinkedIn is messy and awful to navigate, forget staying updated with what you follow on the network. The feed is unintuitive and doesn’t do the job for most of the part. Despite being one of the leading professional social networks out there, it still hasn’t fixed these issues which can be counted as negligence, plus there aren’t many great alternatives either. Google could use this opportunity to leverage their all new job platform. But they are not alone – Facebook introduced similar features to their brand pages recently. In a way, Google was just following suit with the Hire platform.

Could the war be between Facebook and Google?

Facebook had recently started letting users apply for jobs directly through the platform, putting themselves in close competition with professional networks like LinkedIn. The company had mentioned that it’s trying to make it easier for businesses to recruit the right employees directly through their pages. Facebook is undoubtedly Google’s #1 competitor at the moment. With newer features, new services like Workplace targeted towards businesses and the free job posting option for page owners, the possibility of LinkedIn getting pushed out of its own market should not surprise us. The main war could soon be between Facebook and Google if the Hire platform indeed takes off.


Although the job site from the search giant is still a work in progress, Google Hire could very well be the job platform employers and job seekers have been waiting for. Considering Google’s past with social networks, whether or not Google Hire will end up taking the spot of LinkedIn to become the biggest jobs destination remains an open question. Differentiating itself from the current market leaders like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster and Glassdoor must be Google’s prime focus with Hire. Could this be another failed experiment by Google like Orkut and Google+ or will Hire take off? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Top Recruitment Agencies from the Silicon Valley

Sourcing the right talent for a job vacancy has become challenging for recruiters as the world is stepping ahead with cutting-edge professional competition. Educational qualifications and experience aren’t the only parameters to judge a candidature in this highly competitive world.

On one hand, recruiters are missing out on right fit potential employees by selecting poor channels to announce vacancies at their organizations. On the other hand, the availability of too many jobs hosting websites often confuses candidates and makes it difficult for them to take the call on which job website they must register on and why. If you also feel the same and wish to apply for jobs in Silicon Valley, this post should help you get a glimpse of some of the best-recruiting agencies and how they can help you land the right job. The following are the top recruiting agencies in the bay area:

List of Top Employment Agencies as per their USPs

For Start-Up Jobs in Silicon Valley

1 – Millennium Search

Millennium Search is an excellent recruitment agency that helps job seekers to apply in high growth startups and technology companies. The company was formed in 2003 with a focus to scale business and technology teams. The company has a mission to hire top-tiered talent in the high-tech sectors across the globe, resulting in assisting small, medium, and start-up businesses to experience success and growth in minimal time. Assisting today’s technology-focused organizations in recruiting some of the best talents of the industry, the company has a seasoned team of full-cycle recruiters and HR professionals who can assist candidates in finding the right jobs with great ease. This is one of the biggest and best bay area temp agencies that has helped many candidates get good jobs.

2 – Triplebyte

Transforming the way a job seeker is shortlisted and hired, Triplebyte has a special process to help candidates find the best-suited jobs as per their application. The company asks job-seekers to go through a technical skill test and evaluate their results at the backend. Later, it will make the list of current opportunities available to the job seekers to help them in shortlisting their future companies. At the final stage, potential applicants have the full liberty to choose their favorite jobs and sit for final interviews for obtaining offer letters and participating in the salary negotiation process. Triplebyte has been named as the best job agency that provides a great service to candidates that are looking for something in the bay area. They have great connections with human resources who help them fill positions when required. They are one of the top employment agencies in the world and the bay area.

3 – Hired

The brand follows an interesting dev auction model to let job seekers know about great jobs and interesting companies across the globe. Claiming itself as the leading Opportunity Network, the company is known for offering full-time and contract opportunities at the world’s most popular companies. Contributing two-way simultaneously, the recruitment partner enables companies to get in touch with most talented professionals and assists professionals to opt for purpose-driven careers to create a win-win situation for both. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco but offers services to global clients to meet their diversified business recruitment requirements. These are the main headhunters in the silicon valley bay area staffing requirements.

Top Executive Search Firms in Silicon Valley:

1 – Y Scouts

Y Scouts is a nonprofit executive search firm that helps social and nonprofits enterprise organizations in finding exceptional leaders to support their current projects and processes. The company is certified as B Corporation and delivers exceptional support while following a revolutionary approach to shortlist best leaders of the industry and match them with the current requirement to help an organization experience success in all its projects. Fostering the right connections, the company can help in finding the right executive jobs in Silicon Valley. These provide a major silicon valley staffing solutions to the organizations present there.

2 – Stanton Chase

Empowering powerful search assignments for Tech companies located in Silicon Valley and across the globe, Stanton Chase helps organizations in finding suitable candidates in Software, Mobile, Hardware, Telecommunications, and Cloud industries with great ease.  The company was formed in 1982 and since then it is offering world-class support to assist various firms in finding the right job seekers for the mentioned profiles. Having a stronghold in recruiting tech professionals, the firm can also support various other industries, including Marketing/Sales, Private Equity, HR, Finance, IT, Executive, Operations, and many others. Stanton Chase is a big name in the San-Francisco Bay Area. They are one of the best job agencies in the USA.

Silicon Valley’s Best IT Staffing Agencies

1 – TEKsystems

TEKsystems is renowned as one of the best national IT staffing agencies that help in recruiting some of the finest talents in top-notch MNCs. The firm has a proven record of recruiting best test engineers to the world’s best companies including Cisco, Apple, LinkedIn, Netflix, Yahoo, Salesforce, and many others. Functioning on the application of various technologies and IT initiatives, the firm is a subsidiary of Allegis Group and offers talent management services to companies located across the globe. You can rely on this firm for finding the best opportunities related to IT services, IT staffing solutions, and talent management.

2 – eTouch

eTouch was founded in 1998 with a focus on recruiting the best talents in the bay area. Currently, the firm has become one of the most popular and successful IT staffing companies that help big MNCs in finding temp contractors and filling up technical positions with great ease. The clientele of eTouch includes Google, NASA, eBay, Adobe, Genentech, Yahoo, Cisco, and many others. The firm offers immediate recruitment solutions to help businesses support their ever-growing recruitment and technology needs.

3 – Insight Global

Another major national staffing agency with a constant focus on recruiting best IT talents, Insight Global is known for best IT recruitment services to global clients including UCSF, JP Morgan, Stanford, Chevron, Cisco, Genentech, and many others. The firm is headquartered in Atlanta and offers premier employment solutions to many Fortune 500 companies mainly located in the United States and Canada. Offering services to support various short-term, long-term, temporary, and even permanent recruitment requirements, the organization is known for handling placement staffing, enhanced staffing, and recruitment processes with great ease. The company currently offers a bunch of specialized services including consulting, outsourcing, and enhanced staffing to help businesses across the globe cater to their diversified requirements associated with talent acquisition and recruitment.

4 – Volt

Volt offers Expertise for Information Technology positions to major technological giants for helping them ease out their business operations and profits with minimal efforts. The company is known for recruiting some of the finest talents to clients including Intel, Apple, Fitbit, Siemens, and others. Offering instant talent sourcing solutions to help you manage your requirements and time-frames, the firm helps you in determining the best solutions to help you succeed. The company is offering a variety of services including outsourcing solutions, staffing services, and information technology infrastructure support services to help you accomplish the desired business goals with great ease. Helping you to take advantage of the personnel recruitment services, the company assists in managing and filling up professional administration, information technology, technical, and engineering positions on priority.

5 – ERG Inc.

Counted amongst one of the best Silicon Valley staffing agencies, ERG Inc. has a constant focus on recruiting some of the best talents and specialized engineers in Silicon Valley. Having a team of recruitment specialists, the company maintains high transparency in its processes by focusing on each client and potential job applicant individually. The firm deals in offering the best staffing services and engineering consulting across the Bay Area and Northern California. Having a prime focus on offering contract and consulting services to global clients, the firm offers seamless recruitment solutions to help job seekers and clients find suitable matches with a faster and cost-effective approach. If you’re finding engineering professionals for contract and full-time opportunities, then selecting this firm as your recruitment partner is the best way for acquiring talent at affordable costs.

What is JobsPikr and How it Can Help

Before stepping ahead, you must know about JobsPikr – a powerful and updated job data delivery platform that keeps you informed about the current openings and opportunities available at various companies. The portal extracts job data from job boards and official websites of companies and assists you to gain access to reliable, authentic, and original job data sets within a few minutes. The portal uses an advanced machine learning algorithm that extracts job data directly from popular corporate websites and makes it available in the defined format for further usage. The auto-extraction algorithm functions smoothly to help you get the highest quality data with optimal speed and efficiency. If you’re a recruitment agency or a freelance HR professional, subscribing to these job feeds can be of great help for finding success in lesser time.


Undoubtedly, finding the best recruitment firm and selecting the best recruitment agency isn’t an easy task for anyone, but having a few factors and details handy can assist in making the correct choice without wasting much of your time. The recruitment and staffing agencies mentioned above have some features and advantages over other recruitment partners available in the region, thus, it helps you to find the right candidate or job with great ease. It’s good to select your recruitment partner by keeping a lot of factors into consideration to get optimal results.

Acquire clean and up-to-date job listings data in a structured format via JobsPikr.