Job Market Analysis on Java and Python as valuable skills to learn - Comparative study

Java and Python are the two most important languages of machine science and artificial intelligence to harvest web data. With the number of digital conversations and transactions made every second, there is a goldmine of data available over the internet. As the tech industry grows, the requirement for web data grows with it. Java and Python are valuable skills to have as most companies are switching to using data for making core business decisions. 

Python and Java are the two most versatile languages to learn for coders and developers. Both languages offer an open-source platform with object-oriented programming features. While many agree that Python is easy to comprehend and is highly recommended for engineers dealing with data, Java on the other hand is best used to develop web and mobile applications, as it can adapt to various frameworks seamlessly. 

This whitepaper highlights and focuses on the value of upskilling and reskilling your employees. How Java and Python continue to rule the tech industry for two decades with frequent feature updates. We used our in-house tool JobsPikr Insights to get current job market insights by keeping Java and Python as core skills. The talent supply strategy and skill sets are analyzed using machine learning. Fill out the form and download our latest PDF to understand the current job market scenario across countries and industries. 

“Look out for workforce insights spread across the whitepaper to check out the most current and trending reports of the 2023 job market.”

Key takeaways 

  • Connect Python and Java skills to the right roles
  • Find the skills that your team and company need
  • Run real-world job market analysis with a Talent intelligence tool


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