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Industry specific JobsPikr Solutions

Our solutions help build tools for various sectors in the industry including a few given below. Many segments prefer to take insights and the data we crawl to boost their website, tools, workforce strategies, etc.

HRTech Companies

Availability of a variety of jobs, and detailed information about the job requirements help many organisations take necessary steps to build their tool to manage hiring in an efficient way in the ever growing market.

Some of the industry leaders who use JobsPikr


Management Consultancies

Job Market Data Features

Market insights provided by JobsPikr help Management Consultant companies help their client into finding the right workforce and bring a balance of skill to increase the revenue and efficiency of work in the organisation

Job boards

Job boards (specifically mention fields like deduplication, apply_url, html_job_description etc.) The details and filters provided by JobsPikr help Job Boards post unique jobs from around the globe. The details as important as URL for job application and the HTML version of Job Description makes this useful for them to integrate into their solution

Job Market Data Features

Government Organizations

Job Market Data Features

JobsPikr is a solution that provides governments with the employment data for public use. It supports data discovery by providing analytical capabilities to users.

Staffing Agencies (search keywords: job matching software)

Agencies with a large pool of workforce keep track of latest openings and job market to attract the employers from different industries.

Job Market Data Features

Advantages of Partnering with Jobspikr

Job Market Data Advantage
  • Data Quality and Support: We are synonymous with reliable data
  • Flexible API: Ability to programmatically query using all the possible combinations of data fields
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EdTech Companies

Data fields like skills, salary, experience required from the job posting help elearning platforms find relevant jobs and curate them as per their learning programs for their specific audience.

Job Market Data Features