Ed-tech Platforms

Ed-tech Platforms

Build the right content inventory based on market demand. Later help your users find the right job that matches their skill sets. Add value to the subscribers of your platform by providing the right path to their career by suggesting matching jobs to their profile based on their educational qualifications, location, industry, seniority, and job type(Full time/Part Time/Contractual). With an ocean of competition in the online educational platforms, it is better to stay ahead of the competition by providing the subscribers a way to kickstart their career with relevant job options. It is all the more effective for niche tech courses taught online. It will be difficult for students to search for niche jobs associated with their industries after completing their courses. If they are provided with options in the ed-tech platforms where they are learning, it makes it easier for them to find an opportunity in their relevant industry/category.

Job feeds with any particular niche can be downloaded directly from Jobspikr or ported through API. Our Quality Assurance specialists take extra to ensure the reliability of the job data that we provide to the clients. The job data can also be interpreted to understand the current demand and set up courses accordingly. Companies like upGrad are already providing relevant job data feed provided by JobsPikr to their subscribers. The job data for online educational platforms will give an edge to their platform and give a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Some of the industry leaders who use JobsPikr

What our clients say

“JobsPikr has helped us in acquiring fresh job data from thousands of company websites on a daily basis. We were looking for such kind of service for a long time and I’m glad that I stumbled upon JobsPikr.”

– VP, Strategic Growth European Recruitment Agency

“JobsPikr has saved us a lot of time and resources by automatically delivering fresh job listings from the web. They also flexible enough to crawl a new site that wasn’t in their list just for our convenience. It’s a great service!”

– Head of Data Operations Popular Job Aggregator

“JobsPikr’s API integration with our system was easy to set up; overall, the process is straightforward and fast. The team is responsive and is always available. We were able to greatly reduce the time to market for one of our new solutions because of the large-scale and accurate job data delivery. Kudos to the JobsPikr team!”

– Data Science Manager AI-powered Job Matching Solution