Fortune 500 Companies’ Job Data: Use cases

Fortune 500 Companies’ Jobs Data Helped a Staffing Agency Enhance Website Visibility and Traffic

Reduced the Operation Costs by Approx. 20% in Six Months

With the increasing competition in the recruitment industry, updating the latest job listings in the shortest time seems to be quintessential to survival for staffing agencies. But, with so much data available, it’s not easy to manually acquire exclusive job feed from Fortune 500 companies’ career pages and top job boards.

With JobsPikr – SaaS job data solution provider, you are only a few steps away from getting all data from job listings posted on thousands of company websites. Our job automation solution enabled a staffing agency to directly integrate the job feeds into their existing system, eliminating large operations teams’ needs. Read the full story to understand how our solution improved the client’s operational and cost efficiency, making them the go-to job board for premium job listings.

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fortune 500 job data for a consulting firm

A consulting firm leveraged Fortune 500’s job data to improve warehousing and reporting, while building lucrative growth strategies.

Job market data helped a university develop a better course structure while shortening the program development process by two months.

JobsPikr’s job posting automation helped a job board to automatically migrate jobs from career pages to their site, thus eliminating the need for a large operation team.

Indeed Job Scraping for a Niche Job

A niche job board client reduced overhead costs on resource allocation and improved user experience with JobsPikr’s Indeed job scraping solution.