A Consulting Firm Improved Data Warehousing And Reporting With Fortune 500’s Job Market Data

A Consulting Firm Improved Data Warehousing And Reporting With Fortune 500’s Job Market Data

Market Research and Consulting Industry

Given the shifts in market dynamics, competition within the market research sector has increased exponentially in recent years. In such a scenario, going head-to-head with leading players requires businesses to go deep dive into labor market trends using historical datasets, slicing, and dicing data. But accessing niche market data, especially for Fortune 500 companies, has always been questionable. Given the vast volumes of data at hand, data integration, analysis, and report generation may seem to be challenging, but it is imperative for businesses to move forward in their digital transformation journey. It is where JobsPikr steps in with its best-in-class job data scraping services, delivering job market data even from the most niche segments.

About the Client

The client is a consulting company that is into market research and consultancy services. Though the client chiefly operates from its headquarters in the United States, the company has set up regional business units in different parts of the world, including Canada, Belgium, and Austria. Each year, the client publishes dozens of economic impact assessments, market snapshots, industry analysis, and other specialized reports. Even with the access to right tools and services, the client used to struggle in getting real-time and historical job market data when it comes to Fortune 500 organizations.

Business Challenge

For more than ten years, the client has drawn from the best available data sources, including employer surveys, statistical projections, and labor statistics, to inform its research. However, the client realized that their typical data sources lagged behind current conditions. They were dependent on major research providers to furnish them with the scheduled job market and industry reports . With manual spreadsheet-based methods and traditional data warehousing solutions in place, the client lacked a centralized system for data analysis and insight generation. As such, forecasting and capacity planning were significant challenges for the client’s internal consulting and operations management teams. Also, the client wanted to analyze real-time data feeds to make better decisions. To serve its job market client, they were eager to find a high-quality data source that would provide reliable and AI-enriched data for concise data visualization at real-time, especially from the Fortune 500 companies. The company approached JobsPikr to leverage its job data scraping and analytics capabilities.

Solutions Offered

The client was struggling in their efforts to manually gather the niche industry datasets as per their timeline. The generic reports and services they have in place, were not customised to their external data requirements. Therefore, they needed to aggregate online job postings from Fortune 500 as a source of real-time labor market data to tackle the challenges faced by their internal teams. By reviewing the trial Fortune 500 datasets provided by JobsPikr, the client was quickly impressed by its breadth,accuracy and timeliness. Historical and current job data, refined by year, month, week, industry, skills, experience and other variables was another plus, allowing the client’s analysts to provide quick answers to a range of questions about the current job market. The job data scraping solution offered by JobsPikr enabled the client to improve their data warehousing and reporting processes, and analyse the growth focus and capability building across the organization from the job market insightsJobsPikr’s solution proved to be a cornerstone to success enabling the client to achieve measurable results within a few months of deployment.

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Business Outcome

With JobsPikr’s job market data, the client has developed an array of insightful reports, especially on the below topics. Regular Job Market Summaries Leveraging the market data provided by JobsPikr, the client produces a widely-read series of reports produced regularly that offer a snapshot of job market conditions, including the analysis of growing markets, industries and segments, geographic expansion and distribution and upcoming trends. Competitive Capabilities With the data feeds obtained from JobsPikr, the client was able to identify the major roles and departments the competition is hiring for This also helped the client to create new growth opportunities and identify the capabilities Fortune 500 companies’ are building on for the near future.

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  • Market Insights

  • The market research and consulting firm also produced a first-ever job market supply and demand analysis, comparing survey data from job seekers with recent job postings. The study identifies the regions with a surplus of production workers seeking reemployment and significant talent gaps. Now, the client also responds to major layoffs by creating targeted reports to guide displaced workers and the workforce staff who counsel them toward rapid reemployment opportunities. Analysts use job market insights to identify job postings matching the skills of recently laid-off workers.
  • Business Growth

  • JobsPikr’s live crawlers helped the client get the information much faster, eliminating the possibility of making mistakes and incorrect decision making. This enabled them to expand their business boundaries and make accurate decisions effectively.
  • Geographical Expansion

  • The geography-specific segmentation of job data feeds helped the client understand Fortune 500 companies’ expansion plans in the future. This further supported the client to make the right decisions about their future expansions.
  • Real-Time Reports

  • The client also produces periodic reports on specific industries. The reports include the number of recent job postings in an occupational area, specific skills required, average wages for high-demand job titles, and top employers’ listings. The client was able to identify top locations with Cloud Architect job openings and much more. EdTech companies used these data to inform employer outreach, curriculum development, and student recruitment.

Benefits to the Client

Organization-wide access to clean data enhanced overall business performance. Advanced data warehousing capabilities also helped restore data automatically, reducing performance latency and costs across the entire network. With historical data and real-time job market insights, the client could put their data to use immediately to make crucial decisions. JobsPikr’s job data feeds also helped the client to sift through multidimensional data to identify labor market trends. By leveraging the data, the client was able to drive competitive readiness, market excellence, and success. Besides, the client was able to overcome their current problems related to data, while being future-ready. The client gained new business and created an edge by disseminating real-time job market data publicly, with user-friendly reports that inform decisions at many levels. The client’s real-time labor market reports and business insights on geographic expansion and capability building have been enthusiastically embraced by decision-makers throughout the world, further solidifying the department’s reputation as the go-to source for job market insights.

  • Enhanced data visibility and data security
  • Data reporting was made more accessible and useful for all users globally
  • Seamless integration of data from disparate sources
  • Aggregate job market data from various sources with relevant stats to find new growth opportunities and identify upcoming trends.
  • Access historical and real-time, clean data in ready-to-use formats.

Why Choose JobsPikr?

JobsPikr uses machine learning algorithms to intelligently extract job data across the corporate websites and job boards directly, providing you with the widest range of historical and real-time job market data. JobsPikr’s customisable job feed and analytics solution helps you keep pace with the job market trends and gather exclusive job feed data directly from Fortune 500 companies’ career pages. Having the backing of a strong job scraping service provider like JobsPikr assures that the daily process of web crawling job postings is automated, leaving your company with fewer overheads and more opportunities to scale. JobsPikr can extract and mine data through any scale of complexity.

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