Job Data Visualization

Job Data Visualization

Reliable and AI-enriched data for clear and concise data visualization

JobsPikr provides the right set of job data to help you create data visualization, analyse and infer from it. Our huge pool of historical and current job data can be processed and turned into graphical representations that businesses can use to quickly draw insights. JobsPikr data is refined by year, week, month, language and other variables; to bring you reliable and quality data.

Job Data Visualization

What it can do

  • Provide enriched jobs data to help you create reports and derive insights from it.

Suitable for

  • Market research and management consulting firms, advanced hiring platforms, data analysts who want to make sense of huge job data and drive key insights from it.

How does it work

    JobsPikr crawls and enriches the job data, to make it accessible to you in ready-to-use formats

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Job Data Visualization Features

Job Data for Data Vizualisation Features
  • Customise Data: Sync data in the required frequency and format
  • Auto Job Data Refresh: Periodic checks to understand validity of a previously extracted job,“freshness” as we call it
  • Consistent data format and structure
  • Quality control and support
  • One-off Data Delivery: JobsPikr can share the historical job information covering specific aspects of the job market across predefined time periods as per your needs
  • Live Data Feeds: Live JobsPikr data feeds are available as a data source to connect directly into your internal analytics platforms and provide historical context and real-time labor market shifts

Job Data Visualization Benefits

  • Clean and Ready-to-Use Data: Encompassing jobs, regions, time periods, skills, department and so on
  • Global Data Coverage: We’d have data from almost any country (list attached), for all your job analytics needs
  • Historical Data Availability: We have been collecting and maintaining data since early 2019
  • Client Dashboard: For searching, discovering data characteristics and downloading data required for necessary analyses
  • Detailed analytics-ready data

Job Data Visualization Use Cases

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August 2, 2020

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September 5, 2019

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August 11, 2019

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