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  • Aggregate job listings from top job boards and migrate them to your site automatically
  • Create job listing from premium job boards including Indeed, Linkedln, Glassdoor, Naukri, Monster, and more and keep your job listings fresh
  • Derive key information like seniority level, years of experience, salary, skills, and much more
  • Job Board API integration and a custom dashboard for easy access
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Access Fresh Jobs Data

JobsPikr helps job boards by providing quality job listings that keep job boards updated with fresh jobs from popular job boards across the globe. The formatted and quality data that JobsPikr provides can be directly plugged into your servers or job listing database. The higher the job listings from JobsPikr, the better the result in candidate and recruiter sign-ups for your job portal.

Keep your listings fresh while eliminating duplicate and expired postings. Optimize your listings catering to specific demands like skill, industry, location, and more.

Job Board API Feature

Powerful Search API

At JobsPikr, we aggregate job listings from thousands of websites across the globe on a daily basis, enrich this data with our Machine Learning algorithms and make this available via a powerful search API that lets you query and drill down to capturing very specific types of jobs based on your use cases.

Automate Job Listing

We enrich the data with our Machine Learning algorithms and ensure that job data goes through a stringent multi-level quality check before final delivery. We scour the web and retrieve the latest job listings, salary, trend, skills, and location from job boards worldwide. No more data gaps and messy job datasets with JobsPikr!

Dashboard for Easy Access

Access data for multiple search terms, define time ranges, select job titles, and specify geographical locations with our custom dashboard. Job Search API helps you interact and use the data provided by JobsPikr. Our API supports cursors to consume data in smaller chunks when the overall number of records is too high.

Bulk Job Aggregation

Our job wrapping solution crawls thousands to millions of job records each day. Backed by superior technical ability, JobsPikr has helped job board streamline operations and boost their productivity to a whole new level. Our solution enables bulk job aggregation in a single go.

Want to access the widest range of historical and active jobs from the market? JobsPikr is here to help!

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Aggregate Job Listings from The Best Job Boards

Indeed Job Board

We offer job listing data – Job Postings, Job Descriptions, Company Profiles, Job Location, Job Title, and more from Indeed job board. JobsPikr’s job aggregation solution fetches jobs automatically from the Indeed job site and transfers them onto your job board. Our go-to-job board search engine aggregator gears up your job board with fresh listings from Indeed job board.

Monster Job Board Listing

Scrape Monster and keep your job board site updated with location-specific job posts. Our automated job data feed aggregation solution ensures that your job board is updated frequently with new listings from Monster. JobsPikr helps job board by providing quality job listings that will keep your job boards updated with fresh jobs listings.

Glassdoor Scraping

Fetch job title, location, posted date, company name, salary, rating, website, and much more by scraping Glassdoor. Job data scraping from Glassdoor helps job board not just in terms of fresh job postings, but also provides a holistic view of the industry at the most granular level.

Challenges Job Boards Face

Outdated Job Listings

Job listng sites need to gather the latest job listings to keep pace with the competition. This requires a solution that can collect large scale data whenever needed in real-time.

Large Scale Job Board Scraping

Job Board require effective solutions to crawl numerous career pages and top job sites on a large scale whenever needed.

Leveraging Job Board Software

While many job board softwares allow bulk job posting, they lack when it comes to aggregating the latest listing and migrating to client sites.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A job board is a website that posts jobs supplied by employers, whereas job search engines scour the web and aggregate job listings from job boards and employer websites.

Yes, we scrape niche job boards based upon our client’s requirement. We can help you by providing quality job listings that will keep your job boards updated with fresh jobs from thousands of websites and niche job boards across the globe.

Our data is clean, and enriched with machine learning derived insights - which is unique. We currently are able to establish if a job is posted by a recruitment agency or direct employer, derive key information like seniority level, years of experience, salary, skills and much more.

JobsPikr - a SaaS based job scraping software or tool can fetch job data and migrate to your site automatically. Compared to other job scraping tools and softwares, JobsPikr is one of the best. This is majorly because of the geographical coverage and job database that JobsPikr offers.