Get Data from Job Sites in the UK

Web data extraction is of immense value to companies that are looking to leverage the unique advantage of having a data-backed business strategy. If you operate in the recruitment or labor analytics industries in the UK, job data from UK-based job portals in can be a great source to cater to your big data strategy.

Extracting job listings from UK job portals

There are various ways to acquire data from the web and building an in-house web scraper is something that many companies try out while starting off. However, if your use case demands large amount of job data from multiple websites, you would end up setting up crawlers for each source website and dedicate resources to ensure consistent quality. This isn’t a very efficient approach since it takes time and skilled labor to set up the crawler, maintain it by monitoring the incoming data and update the crawler according to the changes in the target site.

This pain point is what led us to creating JobsPikr, a machine learning-based job data extraction solution which cuts down the need for multiple web crawling setups. Having been trained to intelligently identify the different data points on a job listing page on a job portal or company career page, JobsPikr can extract job data from thousands of sites in a fully automated manner. This not only makes the job of acquiring job data faster but also affordable.

Being a fully automated solution, the need for human interference is null. This is what’s responsible for the affordability aspect of JobsPikr. If you need job data on a large scale, JobsPikr is a solid solution that you can rely upon.

Applications of job data

Here are the various applications of job data that you can find on JobsPIkr:

Market research and analytics

Companies operating in the recruitment space can make use of the job postings data to evaluate the market, optimize their hiring and get an edge in the competition for top talent. Media firms and market research companies can use the job data to discover trends and make predictions about the labor market which will be useful for everyone involved in the job market including employers and job hunters. Apart from this, various other deep insights can be uncovered since job data is a great indicator of the trends in the recruitment space.

Feeding job boards

Job boards require a constant supply of fresh job listing to be resourceful to the candidates who visit their site. New job boards especially have a tough time getting sufficient job listings organically from employers since they aren’t popular enough. JobsPikr can be used to enrich your job board with job postings and thus help drive its growth. The fresh job data from JobsPikr can be a great way to augment your Job board even if it’s not new.

Lead generation for staffing firms

HR consultancy firms need to know the talent requirements of companies and hot geolocations in terms of hiring to get their targeting right. By analyzing the job data from JobsPikr, staffing firms can stay up to date on the demands and this will in turn help them in lead generation.

The applications of job data from JobsPikr is not limited to these and you can even find your own use case for the job data. If you are looking to extract job data from job sites in the UK, you can choose UK in the geography filter in JobsPikr.