Job Data Feed for Job Boards

The value proposition of a job board lies in aggregating up-to-date job postings from companies primarily depending on the geography, job role and industry. 

To enable this, job boards should regularly update their job listings on a regular basis so that no job that has passed its apply-by date, is still on the board. New jobs released by companies should get updated on the board immediately so that the people who loyally follow the job board can be benefited.

JobsPikr helps job boards by providing aggregate job listings and keeping your job board updated with fresh jobs from thousands of company websites and popular job boards across the globe. The formatted data provided by JobsPikr can be directly plugged-in to your database. The much higher volume of job listings from JobsPikr can result in a higher candidate and recruiter sign-ups directly impacting the bottom line.

Get up-to-date job feeds to fuel your job board.