Job Data For Recruitment Companies

Recruitment firms’ expertise lie in discovering and connecting employers with relevant job seekers. The challenging aspect here is finding employers who are hiring in a specific industry and geography that the recruitment firm is targeting at any given time.  

This requires aggregating job postings from various companies and job boards, which are spread across different regions and industries. If done manually, this can be a tedious and inefficient task with little to no results. Lead generation for recruitment firms would be much easier and efficient with a custom job data feed tailored to their specific requirements.

This is where JobsPikr helps recruitment firms by providing fresh jobs aggregated from not just company websites but also popular job boards across the globe. The data is provided in a plug-and-play format that can be easily integrated with your existing systems. The notably higher volume and variety of job listings from JobsPikr can result in an increased efficiency in lead generation, thus helping you identify and pitch to the right companies with relevant hiring needs.

Leverage job data for efficient lead generation.