Job Market Data for Research and Analytics

Historical and Current Job Market Data for Research

Labor Market Data

With JobsPikr’s historical and current job data can help you analyse the past and future trends in the job market and thereby analyze micro and macro-level industry trends; refined by year, week, month, language and other variables.

Why Scrape Job Market Data

What it can do

  • Analyze industry trends based on cities, counties, companies that are hiring, skill sets that are trending and so on
  • Analyze your own advertised jobs against key competitors, recruiters in general, and the overall market
  • Support financial forecasting and understand where to invest and where to redirect resources
  • Estimate your own market share by region or profession to identify expansion possibilities
  • Review catchment areas for offices by estimating market share by distance
  • Track trends for skills and professions in demand – which sectors are growing or shrinking, and the impact on the related jobs

Suitable for

  • Job boards and job aggregators, job based software solutions, staffing agencies, and advanced hiring platforms who require regular and quality stream of job data for recruitment purpose.

How does it work

  • We setup data collection processes to automatically extract newly posted jobs from employer’s careers pages and job boards .

Some of the industry leaders who use JobsPikr


Job Market Data Features

Job Market Data Features
  • One-off Data Delivery: JobsPikr can share the historical job information covering specific aspects of the jobdata across predefined time periods as per your needs
  • Live Data Feeds: Live JobsPikr data feeds are available as a data source to connect directly into your internal analytics platforms and provide historical context and real-time labor market shifts
  • Aggregation API: Gets you the summary from data, without downloading the whole and huge data

Job Market Data Benefits

  • Global Data Coverage: We’d have data from almost any country (list attached), for all your job analytics needs
  • Availability of Historical Data: We have been collecting and maintaining data since early 2019
  • Client Dashboard: TFor searching, discovering data characteristics and downloading data required for necessary analyses
  • Enriched Job Data:JobsPikr enriches data with standardized values and machine-learning derived inferences like skills, departments etc
  • Deduplication of the same job posted in multiple job boards.
  • Detailed analytics-ready data encompassing jobs, regions, time periods, skills, department and so on

Advantages of Partnering with Jobspikr

Job Market Data Advantage
  • Data Quality and Support: We are synonymous with reliable data
  • Flexible API: Ability to programmatically query using all the possible combinations of data fields
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