Job data Sources

Extracting job postings/listings from company pages is a high ROI activity for businesses in the recruitment space. As data is now an inseparable component of the growth strategy of any company, it’s only natural that job data is being sought out by the major players in the recruitment arena. This is in fact the way to go, considering data-backed decisions have significantly lower chances of turning out bad.

job data sources

Job postings can act as a great indicator of the state of labor market among many other use cases like labor market analysis, fueling a job board and demand generation for recruitment consultancies. How do you get hold of this job data?

Job data sources

When it comes to extracting job listings, most companies go with scraping job boards. This is under the assumption that it’s easier to acquire data from one source rather than many, that is company websites.

Although this approach might seem easier, it’s not without its downsides. Some of the common problems associated with using job boards as your job data source are:

  • The data is usually less comprehensive
  • Not very reliable as a data source
  • Delay in getting the newest job postings

However, when you get the data directly from the company websites, all these problems are off the table. The data you get directly from the company websites tend to be more accurate, comprehensive and you will have faster access to the newest postings. JobsPikr is a solution that caters to this.

How JobsPikr helps

JobsPikr is a job feeds aggregation tool that uses an AI-based web data extraction algorithm to automatically crawl and extract job listings from hundreds of company websites. By subscribing to the job feeds which are sorted by industry and geography, you will have ready access to fresh and ready-to-use job data for various business applications.

Applications of job data

Fueling a Job Board

If you own a job board and want to have fresh new job postings to enrich it, extracting this data from company pages is the only option available. The number of job listings available on your job board will determine the value provided by your job board to the job seekers. This will directly affect your bottom line and only a robust solution like JobsPikr can cater to this requirement

Generating insights

Since data is the raw material for any sort of research activity, there is a huge demand for ready to use data from the web. The research and analytics space needs more and more data to derive meaningful insights that can disrupt different markets. If you’re working on a research project where you need to identify trends in the labour market, changes in job profiles, requirement etc, job feeds are the best way to go about it.

Generating demand for recruitment consultancies

HR consultancy firms need to identify potential customers and this is a key lead generation activity for them. To generate leads, such companies would first have to discover the companies that are hiring. Since it’s impossible to manually visit hundreds of corporate sites to find who’s hiring, job data is the best and efficient option that they have. Having ready access to the latest job feeds will make sure that you don’t miss any business opportunities.

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