Job Data to Power AI-based Job Matching Software

Matching a person to a job can be a demanding task and is one that is undertaken by thousands of head hunters and agencies throughout the globe on a day to day basis. Although computers may not be as accurate as humans, one can allow computers to do a level of screening so that the work of the recruiter is reduced manifold.

In fact, you can just hire a couple of recruitment experts who do not have to match jobs to candidates but only review the selection or shortlisting done by your AI software.

And the only input you need for an AI-based job matching software would be job listing data and candidate profiles.

Jobspikr can supply job-listing data in a plug and play format, which can be used to fuel your job matching software to filter through the job listings, or sort the job listings in clusters and match them with potential candidates. This will help your business take advantage of the job matching technology  without the hassles associated with aggregating job data.

Get job data to power your Job Matching Software.