Job Wrapping Service and Job Automation

Job Wrapping Services to Automate Job Listings

Automate Job Posting

Job wrapping is the process of finding job listings from the employers’ website and posting them on the job board the employers want to advertise on.

JobsPikr tracks employer job listing updates and provides near real-time sync with job distributor database. JobsPikr clients expedite jobs delivery to candidates and generate more applications in lesser time.

Why to Wrap Jobs

What job wrapper can do

  • Accumulate jobs from a multitude of career sites in one go
  • Create or supplement niche job boards with fresh and relevant job postings by automatic job renewal
  • Attract job seekers, increase your website visits and increased number of employers using your job board for recruitment
  • Near real time job wrap for recruitment advertising
  • Automate job boards with the latest job openings, auto-delete the dated jobs

Suitable for

  • Job boards and job aggregators, job based software solutions, staffing agencies, and advanced hiring platforms who require regular and quality stream of job data for recruitment purpose.

How does it work

  • JobsPikr collects newly posted jobs from the employer’s careers pages or the source websites
  • Data is made available either through our API, or via a customized XML Feed, which could be plugged into your job board software – be it WordPress or any other job board software that allows programmatic data update

Some of the industry leaders who use JobsPikr


Job Data Wrapping Features

Job Wrapping and Job Automation Features
  • Automatic Job Scraping: JobsPikr’s AI-based data extraction solution can automatically crawl and extract job listings from the required career pages of company sites and job boards, at the desired frequency
  • Customise Job Wrapper: Employer-specific frequency for sync & changes tracking, including real time
  • Automatic Job Renewal: Periodic checks to understand validity of a previously extracted job,“freshness” as we call it
  • Deduplication of the same job posted in multiple job boards
  • Consistent format and structure
  • Quality control and scrapes monitoring

Job Data Wrapping Benefits

  • Improved SEO: JobsPikr provides regularly updated content and properly managed using keywords, our job automation and wrapping benefits job boards by 1) increasing relevant content and 2) regular updates. With job wrap automation, jobs are updated daily, keeping job board vacancy data fresh and attractive to search engines
  • Employer Up-sell: Job automation and wrapping service updates jobs daily: removing expired job listings, editing existing ones, and adding new jobs. Boosting your client offering and saving you precious manual on the job
  • High Quality of Job Content: The job wrap service offers intelligent tools for improving original vacancy data: converting HTML format into text, filtering jobs by keywords, cleaning unwanted content, replacing or removing recruiter contacts. Customized taxonomy service will map relevant titles or industry categories based on jobs content
  • Full Automation and Confidence in Jobs Posting: Job spidering customers can be confident that all jobs are posted correctly. Sophisticated reporting and dedicated support service proactively resolve any scraping or posting problems
  • Zero Cost Integration: JobsPikr’s high precision job wrap automation is offered as a full service solution for our clients. There are no required technology updates. Changes to source pages are handled by the JobsPikr service team. Depending upon the capability of a job board, jobs content can either be supplied via xml to ftp or download link, or it can be automatically loaded into your job board system.

Advantages of Partnering with Jobspikr

  • Global Presence and Data Coverage: We’d have data from almost any country, with extensive presence in US, Western Europe and South-East Asia
  • Data Expertise and Quality: We are synonymous with reliable data
  • Flexible API: Ability to programmatically query using all the possible combinations of data fields
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