Jobs API to Get Fresh Job Listings by Title, Location and more

Download job listings at scale from popular job boards in an automated manner with granular search criteria. JobsPikr’s machine-learned web crawler pulls and maintains millions of fresh job postings on a daily basis.

High quality job data for niche job boards

Job data to efficiently generate leads

Comprehensive job data for research

Large scale job API for AI-based solution

Wide coverage

Delivers data from various sources across geographical locations to make sure that your offerings are relevant for both local and international market. JobsPikr covers all the major geographies like USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada, Singapore and more.

Affordable pricing

Our pricing plans are crafted with various segments of users in mind. This ensures that our pricing fits any company’s budget. You can build job search queries depending on the volume, recency and automation requirement via API.

Search criteria

Our large-scale job data crawling and indexing solution not only gets updated on daily basis, but also allows you to build job feeds based on various search parameters — from locations and job titles to job type, keywords and contact details.

No maintenance

Our AutoExtract algorithm uses machine learning techniques to automatically identify job related fields from the available job listings. Hence, it provides continuous and high volume job feed without manual intervention.

JobsPikr is empowering top organizations building
data-backed solutions

Build search queries

Create job feeds using search queries as per your requirement.​


Evaluate the sample data, and pay the subscription fees.​

Download data

Use our REST API to automate downloads or manually download data via our tool.​

Flexible Job API catering
to multiple business requirements

Populate Job boards

Plug the job feeds from JobsPikr with the database of your niche job board site

Generate leads

Find out companies that growing and hiring to offer your products and services

Analyze labor market

Get high-quality demand-side job data to perform analysis and bolster the research

Power AI-based solution

Train and fuel your AI-powered software with large scale job data

Generate data-backed content

Get the right job data for your data journalism project

Keep track of competitors

Understand the hiring trend to take proactive market-moving actions

Frequently asked questions

We cover job listings from United States, United Kingdom, India, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong among many more countries from all the prominent geographies. You can use the query builder to look up specific countries you are interested in.
Also, we’re constantly increasing data coverage so get in touch with us with your specific target location in case we’re covering at this point.

JobsPikr is available anywhere you have an internet connection. We do expect you/your team to possess basic technical know-how such as making API queries in order to handle and make use of the data being collected. We also provide an option to manually download data using the application in CSV format. Further details of the solution can be accessed via datasheet.

JobsPikr accepts credit cards and all payments will be processed by JobsPikr itself does not store any financial data of you and your credit card in our database, this is all and only securely processed by Stripe.

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and has in turn been certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available. You can confirm Stripe’s certification in Visa’s registry of service providers.

No, we only extract data from dedicated job boards as per the crawling guidelines specified in the robots.txt file.

Robust Jobs API
to Boost your Success

Access to ready-to-use job feeds via API can be highly beneficial for businesses associated with jobs. Job listings data can unveil insights that could positively impact the bottom lines of job boards, recruitment firms, research firms and AI-based companies. 

Get started with JobsPikr’s practical and easy-to-use API to collect job data from leading job boards in an automated fashion. 

Our clients say

JobsPikr immensely helps us improve our research and analytics portfolio with new solutions backed solid alternative data. The API exposed by JobsPikr team is very easy to work with and easily handles high volume data collection.
Taylor Reed
Data Officer, Leading Research Firm
JobsPikr has helped us in acquiring fresh job data from thousands of company websites on a daily basis. We were looking for such kind of service for a long time and I’m glad that I stumbled upon JobsPikr.
business growth
Quintin Angus
VP of Growth, Leading Recruitment Agency

JobsPikr's ML-based web crawler delivers high-quality job data at scale with powerful job API

Job feeds based on geographies, job title, job types and set of keywords that get continuously updated with fresh data.