JobsPikr For Specific Use Case

JobsPikr For Specific Use Case

JobsPikr enables using the data in various use cases including a few examples below. We collect data from various job boards and employer websites every day, this makes collecting the skill requirement trends, salaries in demand, matching candidates to the jobs and adding these to the job board feasible.

Labour Market Trends Analyses

JobsPikr offers both live and historical data for the clients to identify the best opportunities for various types of positions in their local labor markets. The platform compiles localized sources and employer listings, and provides an easy-to-use dashboard to search for jobs posting data across the web that matches your specific criteria (e.g., based on skill set, location, keywords, experience, etc.).

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Skill-gap Analysis

Job Market Data Features

We help companies to identify job requirements, analyse the gap of the current employee skills against their required skills. It will allow them to determine how training can be imparted to increase the effectiveness of their workforce.

Custom Research & Benchmarking

Build customer solutions using jobs data from various employers around the globe. This data could be used to perform custom factor comparisons, build AI-powered solutions on top, prepare business solutions for employers, etc.

Job Market Data Features

Candidates-to-Jobs Matching

Job Market Data Features

Applicant screening process requires a lot of CV processing. Expand internal projects with our ML-inferred for skills normalization of more than 135,000 terms that describe 9,000+ skills. Automating the process with the right set of skills and matching the pool of job requirements of more than 8M jobs every month can provide more coverage to both employers and job seekers.

Job board Backfilling

Overcome the problem of having limited or empty job boards by accessing Jobs from platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc across the globe. JobsPikr can save dozens of man-hours as it provides easy to integrate API access and XML Feeds to access all jobs that can be populated on any Job Board website.

Job Market Data Features

Advantages of Partnering with Jobspikr

Job Market Data Advantage

  • Data Quality and Support: We are synonymous with reliable data
  • Flexible API: Ability to programmatically query using all the possible combinations of data fields
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