JobsPikr V 3.1

JobsPikr has undergone a complete product redesign in terms of functionalities as well as user interface from the previous version.

The major change which makes JobsPikr v3 a unique new product is the way users would subscribe to job data feeds. With JobsPikr v2, users could only select the source websites from where they would like to get a job postings feed.

However with this new iteration, we’ve introduced an advanced job query builder which lets our users customize their job feed with a wide array of parameters like location, job title, job posting date, set of keywords and more.

Here is a full list of changes in JobsPikr v3 compared to its earlier version:

1. Site Selection is now Job Query Panel:

jobspikr product update
Older version
JobsPikr v3

With the previous version, you could only subscribe to specific job boards and websites sorted by their geography and industry; with  JobsPikr V3, you can customize your job query based on a wide variety of filters such as location, job posting date, keywords present, job title, and more.

 2. Addition of Data Preview Panel

Data preview was a feature which was missing in the older version of JobsPikr. The all new v3 comes with a comprehensive data preview panel where you can see the total number of records available for your specific query along with 10 sample records.

3. Open API to query your data

jobspikr api

The older version of JobsPikr had an API which required users to build and save their query in the dashboard before it could be called using a unique identifier. JobsPikr v3 comes with an open API which can be queried as per the users’ requirements, by modifying the parameters on the go.

Revised pricing

JobsPikr v3 comes with fully revised pricing plans.

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