Market Research & Management Consulting Firms

Market Research & Management Consulting Firms

Deep dive into labor market trends using historical datasets, slicing, and dicing data based on a variety of parameters like location, title, salary range, dates, etc. The analysis of the demand for jobs in certain industries under certain conditions lets the companies understand various aspects like resource management/allocation etc. Data plays an important and vital role in this digital world.

For instance, Understanding the job data of an industry or an organization helps us understand the areas of focus of that industry or organization. Similarly, the demand for labor in a certain industry can reveal many important factors for organizations. The demand in the rise and fall of jobs in a particular organization can also be interpreted to that organization’s market share in the industry. Market research and Consulting firms use steady job data feed from various companies to keep track of the jobs for their out placement services for their client organizations. JobsPikr can provide niche job feed data from across the globe and across the industries.
Our trusted and long term clients like MarktoMarket, who is a data and analytics platform built to help M&A professionals generate better ideas, faster.

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Use Case

Fortune 500’s Job Data Helped Consulting Firm Improve Data Warehousing and Reporting

Identify Capabilities Fortune 500 Companies’ are Building for Future

There is certainly not a lack of data available. However, the quality of data still leaves much to be desired for market research and consulting firms. It can translate into increased spending and worse decision-making. Extracting quality data feeds and improving data quality is increasingly becoming the top priority for all businesses, especially market research firms.

Job market data providers like JobsPikr can pull together real-time as well as historical data and score the health of the relationship between consulting firms and their clients. Sophisticated data mining, coupled with advanced data visualization, can improve decision making, minimize risks, and unravel valuable insights that otherwise remain inconspicuous.

What if you can extract job data feeds from Fortune 500 company sites? Undoubtedly, the results would double! Read the full story to understand how a consulting firm leveraged Fortune 500’s job data to improve warehousing and reporting, while building lucrative growth strategies.

What our clients say



“JobsPikr has helped us in acquiring fresh job data from thousands of company websites on a daily basis. We were looking for such kind of service for a long time and I’m glad that I stumbled upon JobsPikr.”

– VP, Strategic Growth European Recruitment Agency



“JobsPikr has saved us a lot of time and resources by automatically delivering fresh job listings from the web. They also flexible enough to crawl a new site that wasn’t on their list just for our convenience. It’s a great service!”

– Head of Data Operations Popular Job Aggregator



“JobsPikr’s API integration with our system was easy to set up; overall, the process is straightforward and fast. The team is responsive and is always available. We were able to greatly reduce the time to market for one of our new solutions because of large-scale and accurate job data delivery. Kudos to the JobsPikr team!”

– Data Science Manager AI-powered Job Matching Solution