Apply Jobs data to advance Placements


Apply Jobs data to advance Placements

9th Dec 2021, Thursday 8:30AM PT ; 10:00PM IST

Join our webinar session to understand “how to evolve your EdTech Platform”

JobsPikr will play a major role in the revolution of the jobs market that is already underway, where having greater transparency into hiring practices can bring benefits to everyone.

What are the Challenges faced by EdTech:

Pain: Building an effective Placements assistance involves searching through primary, secondary, and tertiary jobs which means you spend more time searching for jobs and less time focusing on your courses. As a result, you might miss out on incorporating in-demand skills that your student’s targeted employers look out for.

Agitate: Not finding tools providing relevant jobs, matching course skills and active jobs’ status under one roof

Solution: JobsPikr is an advanced jobs-data aggregation tool that monitors and provides filtered, structured, and organized jobs data from company career webpages and popular job portals such as Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. across the globe.

During this webinar session, we will explain on below points:

  • How to use the Job data for setting up your internal placement infrastructure.
  • Real-time labor market data to identify the market’s in-demand skills
  • Location data for popular jobs matching the courses offered
  • Labor market data sought for promotional and marketing content for Programs
  • How to analyse trends at a “skill” level and salary level

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