Decoding the future of job boards


Decoding the future of job boards

Conducted on 25th November 2021,Thursday, 8.30AM Pacific Time

Join our webinar session about how to reboot your job search. .
We will talk about how to refocus, where to start, what industries are hiring, and how to make your applications stand out in a competitive job market. We will help to power your Jobsearch with AI job data.

JobsPikr is a job feeds solution that extracts job data directly from company websites spanning across geographies on a daily basis.

What are the Challenges faced by Job Boards: Solving the ‘chicken and egg’ problem The biggest challenge, especially during the beginning stages of a job board, is the chicken and egg problem. This happens because, in order for your job board to attract job seekers, it should have quite a good number of job listings and recruiters wouldn’t post jobs unless you have a sufficient pool of candidates as users. The best way to tackle this issue is to focus on one side first. You will have to focus on getting either more recruiters or candidates first and the other party will follow

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