Edtech: Connecting Skills to Oppurtunities


Edtech: Connecting Skills to Oppurtunities

Conducted on September 23rd 2020

JobsPikr will play a major role in the revolution of the jobs market that is already underway, where having greater transparency into hiring practices can bring benefits to everyone.

Pain: They have to go through multiple job portals, manually search for careers on different websites, and apply to each of them for relevant jobs.

Agitate: Provided with the best jobs matching their skills under one roof.

Solution: JobsPikr is a jobs-data aggregation tool where we monitor and provide jobs data from company career webpages and popular job portals such as Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor etc. across the globe.

[points covered during this session]

Join this webinar session to show how our platform helps your candidates explore opportunities across the globe.

Points covered during this session:

  • How JP could be used by EdTech companies to analyse trends at a “skill” level and salary level
  • Exclusive internal job board for candidates to search for job opportunities based on their courses.
  • Provide latest job listings data based on e-learning course with job backfiling automation
  • Provide data on how the salary and demand for the job changes based on specific locations
  • Upcoming Features

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