Hiring & Compensation Trends


Hiring & Compensation Trends

Conducted on 11th November 2021,Thursday, 8.30AM Pacific Time

Building an effective recruitment strategy plan to hire the right talent for your business goes beyond identifying available positions at your company, putting up job postings on job boards. JobsPikr helps the firms build effective strategies using the historical and real-time data collection. This can be used for labor market analytics, backfill jobs on your site, generating leads, and keeping a tab on your niche’s general recruitment trends.

Points covered during this session:

  • ML inferred field for skills, compensation and seniority level
  • Targeting different job types through search
  • How to query and download the data through API
  • Product walkthrough session based on specific use-cases
  • Feature release this Quarter & Upcoming Feature

We will also have product specialist to understand your pain points and answer any questions you have during the session.

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