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Job feeds based on geographies, job title, job types and set of keywords that get continuously updated with fresh data. Ideal for recruitment agencies, job boards and AI-driven job matching apps.​


Fuel your job boards and recruitment agencies, analyze job market, and generate leads.

Job boards

Aggregate job listings and keep your job board updated with fresh jobs posted on company websites and job boards across the globe. Access the formatted data and directly plug-in to your database. High volume job listings result in higher candidate and recruiter sign ups directly impacting bottom line.

Recruitment firms

Identify new business development opportunities by uncovering the staffing needs of companies from various regions based on the industry. Provide customised list of job opportunities to your candidates, use the insights from the job feed to gain competitive advantage, expand market share and increase revenue.

AI-based job software

Capture high volume job listings in ready-to-use format to power your AI-based recruitment software for job matching. Get the best out of talent pool and job ads by using semantic matching techniques.

Market research

The large-scale job listings data can be used to gain insights on the labor market demand. Analyze the job feed, identify trends, create reports and bolster your internal data pool with fresh and historic job ads.

Lead generation

Use the clean job feeds to generate high quality leads by identifying which companies can be contacted to apprise about your services based on geographies and existing job openings of the company.

How it Works

Job feeds driven by machine intelligence to power next-gen companies.

JobsPikr deploys automated crawlers powered by machine learning techniques to extract latest job listings from leading job boards across the globe. The data feeds can be built via our tool instantly based on geographical locations (e.g., United States, United Kingdom, Australia), job title (e.g., software engineer, healthcare jobs, management jobs), job type (e.g., full time, part time), keywords and more.

Our crawlers run on daily basis so you always get access to fresh data. Add, remove or modify the search queries for job listings data at any point.

Our decade-old expertize in large-scale web crawling and data indexing, combined with deep domain knowledge of the job market makes us the perfect partner for your job data requirements.

Build search queries

Create job feeds using search queries as per your requirement.


Evaluate the sample data, and pay the subscription fees.

Download data

Use our REST API to automate downloads or manually download data via our tool.

Why jobspikr

JobsPikr delivers data from leading job boards established in various geographical locations to make sure that your offerings are relevant for both local and international market. Currently available in the USA, Europe, India, Middle East and Australia.

global coverage

Our large-scale job data crawling and indexing solution not only gets updated on daily basis, but also allows you to build job feeds based on various search parameters — from locations and job titles to job type, keywords and contact details (as per availability).

Get ready-to-use data in CSV, and JSON format for easy integration with most database systems. Directly download the data or publish the data to FTP, Amazon S3 or Dropbox via REST API. 


The affordability of our solution ensures that the pricing fits any company’s budget. You can build job search queries depending on the volume, recency and automation requirement via API.

Our AutoExtract algorithm uses machine learning techniques to automatically identify job related fields from the job listings available in job listings. Hence, it provides continuous and high volume job feed on daily basis without manual intervention. 

Take the advantage of our cloud services to avoid costs associated with infrastructure and upkeep. Free up the resources to focus on the application of data. 


Access clean, high volume and tailored job data in an automated manner.