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About Us

Relying on labor market analytics is the future as we keep pace with the change in the job market. JobsPikr is a comprehensive AI-enabled labor market analytics & data feed platform for the global market. We aggregate, deduplicate, process job postings data into industry standard categorizations using cutting-edge machine learning technologies and provide visualized insights.

PromptCloud, the parent company behind JobsPikr, has been in the data as a service space for about a decade. JobsPikr helps users deeply understand the labour market trends and requirements. It is imperative for businesses to understand these trends in order to make informed decisions on various staffing-related decisions – like salary, experience & skills benchmarking, etc & investment decisions – like business expansion, new investment opportunities, etc . Traditionally, jobs data has been difficult to analyze due to its sheer volume, variety, and the lack of standardizations. At JobsPikr, we eliminate these problems and help our users make sense of the labour market insights in a clear, concise manner.

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