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how to build job search engine

How to Build a Job Search Engine

There are plenty of popular job search engines out there and some of them are generic while the others cater to specific niches. Irrespective of that, the recruitment industry can still accommodate new and better players. Job search engines bridge the gap between job seekers and employers on a bigger level than job boards. This […]

universities job postings big data

How Universities Can Transform Themselves Using Job Postings Data

The corporate and business world is undergoing a massive transformation which was kickstarted by the ready availability of data. Businesses, irrespective of their size and industry vertical are now embracing data and analytics to optimize their operations and stay updated to the current trends. These changes happening in the industrial world means a lot to […]


How to Use JobsPikr for Competitive Intelligence

The job market is tightening by each passing day and the bureau of labor statistics report shows that the number of voluntary separations and quits are also on the rise. The statistics also shows that new job openings are mushrooming at a rate faster than ever before. This scenario is alarming from an employer’s point […]

Are You A Job board? Here’s What JobsPikr Can Do For You

Job boards serve the indispensable function of connecting job seekers and employers without any hassles. It’s a simple and straightforward process to apply for a job vacancy through a job board. Even for employers, job boards present the opportunity of making their job vacancies known to millions of potential candidates in a matter of few […]

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Applying Topic Modelling on JobsPikr Data to Create Robust Job Matching Service

Hiring the right candidate and matching the skills required for the job requirement is a major bottleneck for any organisation. The problem is huge and there are continuous efforts to mitigate the same by different companies. According to this TechCrunch post, there has been a proliferation of new startups in the recruitment space with investors doling […]

Top online courses for recruiters

Top Online Courses for Recruitment Professionals

Recruitment is a two-way affair. While potential recruiters are on the lookout for top talents, efficient and skilled candidates also want to work with branded employers. Everybody wants to land their dream jobs, and the best applicants are no exceptions. It’s here that both candidates and potential employers should be aware of the entire recruitment […]

global hiring trends

Hot Trends in Global Hiring Landscape

Demonetization, GST bill, Brexit, and the US polls have created ripples across the globe. Numerous sectors at the global and local level have come across critical changes and undergone massive transformations. While leaders strived hard to capitalize on the emerging trends, startups also put their best foot forward. As a result, some of the industrial […]

Extract job postings from company pages

Crawling Job Boards vs Crawling Company Careers Pages

If you are connected to the recruitment industry in some way, you wouldn’t need an introduction  to the value of job listings as one of the key market growth indicators of this industry. Recruiters, HR consultancies and labor analytics firms would find job data to be resourceful in planning, analyses and market research among many […]

Top 50 Niche Job Boards

Job boards help connect job seekers with employers and that’s just the basic operational model of a typical job board site. If you dig deeper, you’d find that the world of job boards is a lot more diverse and vast than that. For starters, there are job boards that get a little innovative in the […]