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Who Should Use JobsPikr – Top 8 Use Cases

Having access to ready-to-use job data feeds holds a lot of potential in the recruitment industry. Job listings data can unveil insightful information that could positively impact the bottom lines of companies in the recruitment industry as well as the ones looking to hire quality talent. Until recently, there was no practical and easy solution […]

Scaling up job boards with job data feeds

Scaling Job Boards with Automated Job feeds

You’re probably aware of the fact that the job boards industry had already hit its saturation point long back. Now, there is a job board that caters to every sector and niche that you can think of – Programmers, Designers, Marketers, HR professionals, you name it. We’re talking about tens of thousands of job boards […]

How indeed works

How Indeed Works and What You Should Learn From Them

Counted amongst top job sites worldwide, Indeed.com is known for its unique features that help align the right candidates for the right job roles. The job site records more than 200 million visitors per month and its services are available in over 60 global countries and 28 different languages. The website now covers 94% of […]

Can Google Hire take on LinkedIn?

Google certainly has no plans to stop experimenting despite repeatedly failing to succeed in certain areas like social media. Google launched Orkut when social media was on the rise but quickly lost it to Facebook. Although they made a second attempt with Google+, it’s safe to say that the platform still doesn’t have the same […]

Recruitment agencies from silicon valley

Top Recruitment Agencies from the Silicon Valley

Sourcing the right talent for a job vacancy has become challenging for recruiters as the world is stepping ahead with cutting-edge professional competition. Educational qualifications and experience aren’t the only parameters to judge a candidature in this highly competitive world. On one hand, recruiters are missing out on right fit potential employees by selecting poor […]

The History Of Job Boards

Every entrepreneur looks to utilize human capital to give a thrust to the company’s growth. You will surely want to take your business forward, ensure comprehensive growth for it, accelerate your bottom lines, and optimize your profits. But, how’s that possible without the right set of people working with you? It’s here that recruitment, hiring, […]

Scrape job listings

Use JobsPikr and Let the Machines Scrape Job Listings for You

After the recession of 2008, the recruitment industry is gradually picking up momentum and now is a good time to re-evaluate your business strategies if you are in this industry. Although the demand for labor is high, employers have become meticulous in hiring talent. Job boards and recruitment agencies should help employers narrow down the […]


Unveiling JobsPikr by PromptCloud

After long stretches of rigorous testing and finishing touches, JobsPikr public beta is now live for everyone. We have implemented some of the ideas from the feedback that we received during our private beta program which was exclusively available for the users who had shown interest. This feedback along with the newer improvements made to […]


Why Job Portals Need Data To Grow Their Business

The job search niche has transformed substantially since the advent of technology. While personal references and contacts aren’t irrelevant, the increased penetration of internet and smartphones has completely transformed the way people go for job hunting. A majority of potential candidates and job seekers rely on job board websites while looking for career opportunities. The […]