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Machine Learning Job Listings Data Reveals the Key Skills

The unprecedented growth of Machine Learning is already disrupting the way the industry runs. This is fueled by the data getting generated — in the present time, we are producing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data on a daily basis. However, for any business, data doesn’t hold much value unless it is beneficial to the company. […]

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How to Use Job Data Feed from JobsPikr to Generate Leads

Lead generation can be often expensive, that is they are generated by costly advertisements, content creation, PR campaigns, industry events and in-person meetings in most cases. In certain cases, there’s even a high chance of your efforts to generate leads not delivering desired result, even after spending a lot of money. Since advertising dollars are […]


Top 5 Reasons for Job Growth in the USA

August 2018 marked 95 straight months of job creation in the US. This bullish run has far exceeded conservative predictions and estimates and doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon even with negative sentiments associated with the trade tariffs imposed by aluminum and steel imports. US employers augmented the job market with 213,000 […]

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U.S. Companies with the Most Number of Part-time Tech Job Listings

As per a research conducted by EY and Timewise in 2017, a flexible working marketplace, 87% of full-time employees in the UK would prefer flexibe working hours. The percentage increases to 92% for millennials, according to the same study. This is a general tendency among workers and it resonates with majority employees of the employees […]

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7 Trends Defining the European Healthcare Recruitment Sector

The recruitment industry in Europe is going through a healthy phase of growth and stability. Recruitment agencies specializing in a range of positions across the healthcare sector are reporting positive sentiments. Be it Qualified Nurses, Consultants and Physicians, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Medical Technologists, Health Care Assistants, or Senior Care Assistants, there are many positions […]

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How do Job Recommendation Engines Work?

Most of us know about the Netflix recommendation System Challenge that offered $1,000,000 to anyone who cracked it. But before we get too far, let’s cover our bases first. What is a recommendation system? Simply put, it is a system that gives us recommendations based on the data that it has collected from us, and […]


Analyzing and Visualizing Healthcare Job Data in the Europe

Europe’s job market is now booming with lucrative opportunities for highly skilled individuals and the demand is at a peak. This is even more pronounced in the healthcare sector which is currently undergoing rapid innovation, thanks to the proliferation of big data technologies. The European healthcare market is expected to cross US $224 Billion by 2022 […]

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Insights from the Middle Eastern Job Data Analysis

According to a research conducted by Hays Group for the Middle East region, in 2018 71% of the employers are planning to increase hiring in the next 12 months and 66% are optimistic about year-on-year market activity for their businesses. This essentially cements the fact that the Middle East (ME) is poised to add substantial […]

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How Blockchain Can Strengthen Trust in the Recruitment Industry

Tim Sobbeth from Houston was hopeful that the interview he had given for a new vacancy would land him his dream job. But as weeks passed without any callback from the HR team, he was dejected – not because he had potentially lost the job, but that he was made to wait for so long […]


How JobsPikr Can Help in Building Talent Analytics

Data acquisition is emerging as the preferred technique to gain valuable insights the right way. Take the case of talent analytics in the HR function, for instance. It is eliminating the clutters of HR analytics for the better. JobsPikr is the ultimate example of a reliable data mining solution geared to add layers of value […]


Job Data Analysis Reveals top Skills Required for Data Science Role

Data scientists help companies make solid data-backed decisions. It’s also a relatively new career, residing at the intersection of social science, statistics, computer science and design fields. This job also happens to be the fastest growing job in the United States, according to LinkedIn. Data science job role has witnessed a growth of 6.5 times […]


Interesting Insights from Job Board Data Analyses

Revenues for the online recruitment vertical have grown at an average rate of 14.6% over the past five years, according to the research firm IbisWorld. And the momentum isn’t expected to stop: The industry made $4.4 billion in 2017 and is anticipated to rake in $6.4 billion in 2022 according to the same business intelligence company. Unemployment […]


A Compilation of Expert Views on Recruitment Innovation

There’s no doubting the importance of recruitment as a crucial process for the stability and continued growth of any organization. With the ever-increasing competition, the importance of the critical business function has taken a new turn. Nowadays, attracting the right talent has become harder and retaining them is another challenge in itself. The situation has […]

Product Update: JobsPikr Gets Improved UX, New Job Boards and More

JobsPikr has been going through rapid development on the functionality as well as user experience fronts. It was in December 2017 that we added job boards as a data source in JobsPikr and this has lead to a significant adoption by our clients. As part of our ongoing product improvement activities, we have made a […]


Improving Workplace Productivity by AI-enabled Techniques

In 1955, the word “Artificial Intelligence” was used to describe small concepts of computer science. But today, it has flourished in all business sectors providing unlimited opportunities to departments across organizations, irrespective of their scale or size. It is not just the media hype that has allowed AI to gain such a huge level of […]

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Top Recruitment Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

2017 has been the year of artificial intelligence technologies, workplace diversity and candidate experience in the recruitment industry. A lot of these will follow into 2018 and we will continue to see the changes brought about by them in the years to follow. With the economy in a steady phase of improvement and unemployment rate […]

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JobsPikr Gets a Major Upgrade: Now Extract Data from Job Boards

It’s almost been an year since we launched JobsPikr and the product has come a long way in terms of features and user adoption during this short span of time. We now have a sizable number of customers from the recruitment industry including HR consultancies, market research firms and niche job boards. While JobsPikr is […]

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How To Monetize Your Job Board Website

There are job boards catering to each and every niche that you can imagine out there. While monetizing a website isn’t necessarily a hard nut to crack, the difficulty of making a sustainable revenue from your website totally depends on many factors including your niche, target geography, popularity and organic traffic among many others. Unlike […]

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How to Build a Strong Recruitment Agency Brand

The 6th Annual Staffing & Recruiting Trends Report (North America) by Bullhorn has thrown some interesting numbers our way. Take for instance the two stats below – 1 – 71% of the recruiting firms saw a profitable year in 2015 2 – 91% of the firms expected to see a more robust growth (of at least […]

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How to Build a Job Search Engine

There are plenty of popular job search engines out there and some of them are generic while the others cater to specific niches. Irrespective of that, the recruitment industry can still accommodate new and better players. Job search engines bridge the gap between job seekers and employers on a bigger level than job boards. This […]

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How Universities Can Transform Themselves Using Job Postings Data

The corporate and business world is undergoing a massive transformation which was kickstarted by the ready availability of data. Businesses, irrespective of their size and industry vertical are now embracing data and analytics to optimize their operations and stay updated to the current trends. These changes happening in the industrial world means a lot to […]


How to Use JobsPikr for Competitive Intelligence

The job market is tightening by each passing day and the bureau of labor statistics report shows that the number of voluntary separations and quits are also on the rise. The statistics also shows that new job openings are mushrooming at a rate faster than ever before. This scenario is alarming from an employer’s point […]

Are You A Job board? Here’s What JobsPikr Can Do For You

Job boards serve the indispensable function of connecting job seekers and employers without any hassles. It’s a simple and straightforward process to apply for a job vacancy through a job board. Even for employers, job boards present the opportunity of making their job vacancies known to millions of potential candidates in a matter of few […]

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Applying Topic Modelling on JobsPikr Data to Create Robust Job Matching Service

Hiring the right candidate and matching the skills required for the job requirement is a major bottleneck for any organisation. The problem is huge and there are continuous efforts to mitigate the same by different companies. According to this TechCrunch post, there has been a proliferation of new startups in the recruitment space with investors doling […]

Top online courses for recruiters

Top Online Courses for Recruitment Professionals

Recruitment is a two-way affair. While potential recruiters are on the lookout for top talents, efficient and skilled candidates also want to work with branded employers. Everybody wants to land their dream jobs, and the best applicants are no exceptions. It’s here that both candidates and potential employers should be aware of the entire recruitment […]

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Hot Trends in Global Hiring Landscape

Demonetization, GST bill, Brexit, and the US polls have created ripples across the globe. Numerous sectors at the global and local level have come across critical changes and undergone massive transformations. While leaders strived hard to capitalize on the emerging trends, startups also put their best foot forward. As a result, some of the industrial […]

Extract job postings from company pages

Crawling Job Boards vs Crawling Company Careers Pages

If you are connected to the recruitment industry in some way, you wouldn’t need an introduction  to the value of job listings as one of the key market growth indicators of this industry. Recruiters, HR consultancies and labor analytics firms would find job data to be resourceful in planning, analyses and market research among many […]

Top 50 Niche Job Boards

Job boards help connect job seekers with employers and that’s just the basic operational model of a typical job board site. If you dig deeper, you’d find that the world of job boards is a lot more diverse and vast than that. For starters, there are job boards that get a little innovative in the […]

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7 Problems Every Recruitment Agency has to Tackle

Every individual wants to land his dream job and achieve success in professional life. This won’t be possible without the right employment opportunities. Recruitment and staffing happen to be integral segments of the job sector where both employers and employees are at the beneficial end. While commercial establishments get the right set of workers capable […]

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Product update: v2 brings more Sites, Better Customization & Freebies

Update: JobsPikr has a new major upgrade and now delivers data from job boards on top of company websites. Pay by tweet has been replaced with a 15 day free trial. After two months of hard work and relentless testing, the time has come for us to announce the new version of JobsPikr. We’re thankful […]

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Why the U.S. job market has steady growth

If you were to choose a job, what would be your priority? Compelling job profile, higher average salary, or decent work-life balance? How about all the three! Well, the U.S. job market should be able to help you as this country scores high in many of the parameters in comparison to the rest of the world. […]

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Using Job feeds to Perceive Demand in the Job Market

If there’s one thing constant about the job market today, it would be the highly dynamic nature of it. As the technologies being used by businesses keep evolving on a continuous basis, the skill-sets required to handle them are sure to change too. This is evident from the mushrooming of new jobs; many of today’s […]

Top Trends Revolutionizing The Recruitment Technology

The previous year was quite eventful with some of the remarkable incidents stirring up the entire business landscape. The ripples were not only felt within our country but also by various other nations across the globe. Some of the crucial incidents like electoral situations in the US and Brexit left substantial impacts on the global […]

Insights from 250K US-based Job Listings

The expectations and forecasts for the recruitment industry is incredibly promising for the next few years. The competition, for example is already at peak levels and is expected to tighten further. Having cutting-edge technologies to your aid is crucial when the competition is tough. In this context, Big Data and Business intelligence are the most […]

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Who Should Use JobsPikr – Top 8 Use Cases

Having access to ready-to-use job data feeds holds a lot of potential in the recruitment industry. Job listings data can unveil insightful information that could positively impact the bottom lines of companies in the recruitment industry as well as the ones looking to hire quality talent. Until recently, there was no practical and easy solution […]

Scaling up job boards with job data feeds

Scaling Job Boards with Automated Job feeds

You’re probably aware of the fact that the job boards industry had already hit its saturation point long back. Now, there is a job board that caters to every sector and niche that you can think of – Programmers, Designers, Marketers, HR professionals, you name it. We’re talking about tens of thousands of job boards […]

How indeed works

How Indeed Works and What You Should Learn From Them

Counted amongst top job sites worldwide, Indeed.com is known for its unique features that help align the right candidates for the right job roles. The job site records more than 200 million visitors per month and its services are available in over 60 global countries and 28 different languages. The website now covers 94% of […]

Can Google Hire take on LinkedIn?

Google certainly has no plans to stop experimenting despite repeatedly failing to succeed in certain areas like social media. Google launched Orkut when social media was on the rise but quickly lost it to Facebook. Although they made a second attempt with Google+, it’s safe to say that the platform still doesn’t have the same […]

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Top Recruitment Agencies from the Silicon Valley

Sourcing the right talent for a job vacancy has become challenging for recruiters as the world is stepping ahead with cutting-edge professional competition. Educational qualifications and experience aren’t the only parameters to judge a candidature in this highly competitive world. On one hand, recruiters are missing out on right fit potential employees by selecting poor […]

The History Of Job Boards

Every entrepreneur looks to utilize human capital to give a thrust to the company’s growth. You will surely want to take your business forward, ensure comprehensive growth for it, accelerate your bottom lines, and optimize your profits. But, how’s that possible without the right set of people working with you? It’s here that recruitment, hiring, […]

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Use JobsPikr and Let the Machines Scrape Job Listings for You

After the recession of 2008, the recruitment industry is gradually picking up momentum and now is a good time to re-evaluate your business strategies if you are in this industry. Although the demand for labor is high, employers have become meticulous in hiring talent. Job boards and recruitment agencies should help employers narrow down the […]


Unveiling JobsPikr by PromptCloud

Update: JobsPikr has a new major upgrade and now delivers data from job boards on top of company websites. After long stretches of rigorous testing and finishing touches, JobsPikr public beta is now live for everyone. We have implemented some of the ideas from the feedback that we received during our private beta program which […]


Why Job Portals Need Data To Grow Their Business

The job search niche has transformed substantially since the advent of technology. While personal references and contacts aren’t irrelevant, the increased penetration of internet and smartphones has completely transformed the way people go for job hunting. A majority of potential candidates and job seekers rely on job board websites while looking for career opportunities. The […]


Key Findings on the Millennial Workforce and Changing Job Market

Employment generation and employee retention issues had always been a prime concern for employers. From colossal enterprises to small business ventures, every business unit strives hard to retain and uplift their workforce. However, the situation is trivial!  Most of these organizations don’t have a specific plan and targeted policies for their employees. Their engagement policies […]


A Quick Sneak Peek at JobsPikr

Update: JobsPikr has a new major upgrade and now delivers data from job boards on top of company websites. While JobsPikr is still getting its finishing touches done, we thought we could give you a quick preview of the features and workflow. We wanted to ensure a smooth workflow for the users and have made […]


Introducing JobsPikr: Your Go-to Source for Job Data Feeds

Update: JobsPikr has a new major upgrade and now delivers data from job boards on top of company websites. Hello world! We’re getting closer to the beta launch of JobsPikr – a job data delivery platform that extracts data directly from the company websites. This is an exciting time for us and we’re happy to […]