Data Overview

Don’t let volume, variety, and lack of standardizations stop you from analyzing job data. Explore top job roles, emerging skills, average compensation to better understand your local labor market. Our skills extraction module is one of the most comprehensive machine learning models available in the market and identifies around 50k distinct skills from job descriptions. Export jobs data in any format like CSV, XML or JSON format.

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Putting Labor Market Data to Work in no Time

Job search is at the heart of JobsPikr data feeds. We enable you to query for jobs data that match your specific set of conditions. We do all the heavy lifting for you by collecting, cleansing, enriching, and deduplicating the jobs data on a daily basis. Here’s how to adapt to a multi-dimensional approach to data for building a clear picture of the labor market.

Optimal Path Forward

Using metrics and dashboards powered by quality and updated data enables human resource advisors to be agile, quick, and responsive to business needs. It allows quick deploying of recruitment capital to flexibly assign required budgets.

Digital Data Collection

Our parent company, PromptCloud has time-tested large-scale data to harness the powers of data collection. Applying a similar approach, we collect job ads from across the globe by our AI tech bots scanning over 75,000 websites daily.

Identify Red Flags

When we get a free flow of consistent and structured data, it enables you to ask the right questions, helping you to identify the red flags. Real-time data feed drives strategic plans to take preventive measures across the organization.

Process Efficiency

Data points that are hidden in job descriptions are inferred by machine learning technology. This helps us to uncover hidden information regarding salary, education level, years of experience, and more. We need more words to make this level

Close Knowledge Gaps

Close gaps by leveraging datafeed from workforce job trends to identify resource allocation, and their performance metrics. Using structured data, you can draw insights on knowledge gaps and process bottlenecks, leading to a skilled workforce.

Job Standardization

Our platform standardize job ads as per the O*NET SOC occupation taxonomy. It is further enriched with additional data points like the industry of the hiring organization, company size, and business type to help paint an accurate picture of the market.

JobsPikr Data Feed Applications

The realtime data feed is an ideal solution for teams with technical bandwidth for building analytics engines or job boards. Build your own labor market intelligence where the data can easily be plugged into your web applications – either via APIs or through daily updates on data-sharing systems. Retrieve deduplicated data and filter out job postings from the recruitment agencies. Get information about precisely targeted jobs for your job board, rendering clearly on the website. This simplicity of data enables you to build the perfect job board for your users. We provide:

Comprehensive coverage: We have data from across the globe, scanning over 75k+ sources.

Structured and quality data - Our data comes in plug and play format

24/7 Technical support: We address technical challenges and help them get started.

Flexible data consumption options - We offer multiple ways of downloading data

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Discover how JobsPikr Data Feeds and Insights provide comprehensive job data solutions – covering diverse industries and locations – on job market trends, salary data, and hiring patterns.

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