Data Overview

Data Overview

The only truly global and enriched labour demand data.

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Job Postings Data:

Below are the basic fields that are collected as available from the source websites we monitor.

  • url
  • job_title
  • job_description
  • html_job_description
  • company_name
  • city
  • state
  • country
  • category
  • job_type
  • salary_offered
  • job_board
  • contact_email
  • contact_phone_number
  • is_remote
  • apply_url

Besides these, we also provide a field for the timestamp at which the data was collected, as well as a uniq_id for each record.

Enriched data points

The following fields are additional data enrichment performed by JobsPikr to help you slice, dice and use the data in multiple forms.

  • Inferred Location Fields: inferred_city, inferred_state, inferred_country fields to help eliminate differences in how location information is available from source websites.
  • Duplicate Job Information: duplicate_status field provide information on whether a job is duplicate of another, and if yes, the duplicate_of field would contain the uniq_id of jobs that are found to be duplicates.
  • Company Type: company_type field allows you to filter out jobs based on whether it was posted by a direct employer or recruitment agency.
  • Language Code: inferred_iso3_lang_code provides you with the ability to filter jobs that are published in specific languages.
  • Department Name: Machine-learning derived value – inferred_department_name – to determine which department a particular job is being hired for.
  • Job Title Normalization: inferred_job_title normalizes job title to standardized values so that you could easily group similar jobs/occupations.
  • Salary: Salary information is usually available as free text within the job title or description. Our powerful AI-model reads through the text and understands salary details if it is present on the source. We further segregate and provide this information as four separate fields – inferred_salary_currency, inferred_salary_from, inferred_salary_to, inferred_salary_time_unit – so that you’ve all the data and flexibility to filter data as per your requirements.
  • Skills: JobsPikr’s skills extraction module is one of the most comprehensive machine learning models available in the market and identifies around 50k distinct skills from job descriptions.
  • Experience: Net years of experience required for a job is provided as inferred_min_experience and inferred_max_experience fields.
  • Seniority Level: We provide seniority level as inferred_seniority field, which could take up the values entry level, mid level or executive level. This will allow you to query and group jobs based on their expected seniority levels.

  • Please note that O*NET SOC occupation classification, company-level data enrichment for industry, company size, and education level inferences are not available as part of JobsPikr Data Feeds. It is accessible only via JobsPikr Insights.

Data Delivery Options

API is the primary mode of delivering data. The API returns data in JSON format. We also have options to export data in either CSV, XML or JSON format to a file sharing server at your side. At the moment, we have native data export options to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, FTP/sFTP, or as XML Feeds – which could be run on a daily basis at a specific time of the day.