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Explore the most comprehensive tool for making strategic decisions. Your all-in-one talent intelligence tool to analyze, plan and forecast the workforce acquisition pipeline to fit today’s job market trends. Leverage the power of talent intelligence in your workforce strategy to get real-time labor insights and stay ahead of your competition.

Empowering Corporates with Labor Market Insights

Rediscover today’s talent market insights for staying relevant in the future and adopt smart recruitment strategies. Build a robust automation system to deliver quality listings, specially designed for enterprise resource planning industries.

Accurate Real-Time Labor Insights
for the Future Workforce

Discover the future of hiring with emerging skills and roles. Use the talent intelligence tool to stay ahead of your industry competitors with labor market data.

Workforce Insights

Get future-focused insights for in-demand skills, emerging roles, and location-wise compensation for talent across the globe. Identify key locations for future expansion and growth based on talent availability and other macroeconomic elements.

Analyze Hiring Trends

Use labor market insights to compare with your competitors, including skill sets, salaries, in-demand talent, and job roles. Incorporate strategic intelligence with labor market data insights to track down competition for in-demand talent.

Spot Emerging Skills

Our platform helps you recognize the current talent gaps and future skill requirements to better understand your talent needs. Pinpoint the emerging skills and job roles to see how they are evolving across your industry using AI generated data

Salary Benchmarking

Compare the average salary offered by competitors for the same role. A comprehensive comparison of shortlisted job roles or skills to determine the competitive salaries. Compare insights for up to 5 companies together.

Custom Dashboards

Generate intuitive snapshots of talent insights for any location, skill, or job role within seconds. Use the talent intelligence tool for better workforce planning. Discover upcoming emerging industry disruptors with a personalized dashboard.

Instant Reports

Explore in-demand job roles and skills to better understand future requirements with easy-to-access reports. Use the options to filter labor market data using job role, location, or skill to download labor market reports within seconds.

What Makes Our Talent Intelligence Tool Unique?

It enables you to start your workforce planning with insights into great people strategy. Implement the latest trends using real-time labor insights for improving talent acquisition and managing diversity in the workplace.

Optimize Workforce Productivity

Start your workforce planning with a great people strategy. Determine opportunities to recalibrate career mapping from the pool of requirements. Get an intuitive dashboard for labor market insights, matching your prerequisites like location, salary, and experience

Modernize Salary Benchmarking

Consider internal equity and the external compensation range to offer a fair salary. Get insights to learn how to accurately budget for new roles, stay competitive in the market, and win the likes of the workforce.

Make Strategic Talent Decisions

Reimagine companies building resilience and driving value by accelerating talent strategies and sailing through tumultuous times. Create an agile talent strategy that responds to changing conditions and cultural differences across the world.

Get real-time jobs insights

Learn how to manage talent with real-time research and intelligence for quick analytical business decisions. Allow agility in workforce planning by being proactive in identifying opportunities and fluctuating job market trends.

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Discover how JobsPikr Data Feeds and Insights provide comprehensive job data solutions – covering diverse industries and locations – on job market trends, salary data, and hiring patterns.

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