JobsPikr Insights

JobsPikr Insights

Globally, we are faced with a difficult and complex labor market. JobsPikr Insights is a comprehensive data visualization platform, which eliminates the need to download millions of records of data and resources required to derive actionable insights.


Derive powerful insights to empower –

    • Workforce Strategy – Get your talent intelligence right, to move from headcount planning to strategic workforce planning. We help answer burning questions like –
    • Who and how am I competing against for the same talent?
    • Where can I build and grow talent most effectively?

    • Investment Decisions – Back your big bets and reduce risks with reliable insights and hiring trends. Use credible data to answer critical questions like –
    • How do I choose the right location for my geographic expansion?
    • How can I identify emerging companies in my area of interest?


Workforce Planning Companies
Management Consulting
Private Equity Firms
Govt & Industry Bodies

About the data

Traditionally, jobs data has been difficult to analyze due to its sheer volume, variety, and lack of standardizations. At JobsPikr, we eliminate these problems and help our users make sense of the labor market insights in a clear, concise manner.

For JobsPikr Insights, we adopt a three-dimensional approach to data in order to build a clear picture of the labor market.

  1. Digital Data Collection: PromptCloud, our parent company’s time-tested large-scale data gathering prowess powers our data collection. We collect job ads on a daily basis from across the globe.
  2. Machine learning-based inference of data points that are hidden in job descriptions like salary, education level, years of experience, and so on.
  3. Standardization & Enrichment: We standardize job ads as per O*NET SOC occupation taxonomy. It is further enriched with additional data points like the industry of the hiring organization, company size, business type, etc. to help paint an accurate picture of the market.