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The JobsPikr API empowers you to seamlessly interact with and utilize the data offered by JobsPikr. This comprehensive document explores the key concepts related to the API and provides valuable insights into its various use cases.

JobsPikr API provides access through three main APIs:-

Job Search API

Allows you to search for jobs based on various criteria. You can make POST requests to this API endpoint to perform regular job searches. For example, let’s say a user wants to search for software engineering jobs in San Francisco with a mid-level experience level and a salary range of $80,000 to $100,000. By making a POST request to the Job Search API endpoint with the specified search criteria in the request body, the API will return a list of matching jobs that meet the specified criteria.

It requires the following fields in the request header:

• client_id: Your unique client identification string to access the API.
• client_auth_key: Your unique client authentication key to access the API.

Expired Jobs API

Retrieves all consumed jobs that have expired within a given date range. If the user wants to retrieve all expired jobs between January 1, 2023, and May 18, 2023, by making a GET request to the Expired Jobs API endpoint with the specified date range as query parameters, the API will return a list of expired jobs within that range.

Aggregation API

Retrieves aggregated counts based on the provided query. If the user wants to retrieve aggregated counts of job categories grouped by location, by making a GET request to the Aggregation API endpoint with the specified query parameter ("job_category") and group-by parameter ("location"), the API will return the aggregated counts of job categories grouped by location.


Base URL:
In case of persistent issues, you may also use the following URL as a fallback

Base URL:
Endpoint differs based on the resource that needs to be accessed

Job Data:

Expired Jobs:

Aggregate Data:

API Keys

To interact with the API, you need an API key. There are two sets of API keys: one for production (actual data) and one for sandbox (testing purposes). You can obtain the API keys from the link provided: API authentication can be performed using HTTP Basic Auth or by providing the client_id and client_auth_key as headers.


The JobsPikr API uses API keys for authentication. To authenticate your requests, you need to include your API keys. You can view and manage your API keys by visiting the following link:

Data Format

The API accepts input and parameters in UTF-8 encoded JSON format. The response can be returned in either JSON (default) or XML format. The response always includes two fields: "status" and "message," with additional fields varying based on the accessed endpoint.

Sandbox API

If you are exploring the API, testing your queries, or conducting any form of testing, it is recommended to use the Sandbox API credentials. You can obtain the Sandbox API credentials here.

API Rate Limit

The JobsPikr API has rate limits to safeguard against bursts of incoming traffic. The rate limits differ based on the resource being accessed. For example, the /data endpoint allows 100 requests per minute and 5000 requests per hour, while the /aggregate_data endpoint allows 10 requests per minute and 100 requests per hour.

Cursor in API Query for Pagination

The API supports pagination using a cursor. You can use the cursor value from the response to retrieve data in smaller chunks. To paginate through the API response, you need to send subsequent requests with the next_cursor value obtained from the previous response until you receive a response with "status":"no_data," indicating that no more data is available.

Job Credit

Job credit refers to each job data consumed from the JobsPikr platform. These credits are valid as per your billing cycle. Each job consumed using a production key via the API or downloaded by logging in to counts towards your credits. Jobs accessed from the API using sandbox credentials do not count toward your credits.

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