JobsPikr Data

Eliminate the need to download millions of data records for making decisions. Use labor market data to stay on top of enormous job shifts, identify skill sets that could become obsolete, and find the new emerging jobs in the market. Our job scraping service scans more than 70K employer websites daily to process more than 1 million job listings. With a database of more than 500 million jobs for past 3 years, you will find everything you need.

Jobs Data Feed For Strategic Hiring

Data Visualization

Our intuitive pre-built dashboards help you to visualize relevant data and draw insights quickly. Easily segregate data using Pie-Charts, Graphs, Histogram, etc.

Quick & Easy

No technical background or coding skills required to use JobsPikr data feeds. Anyone can easily get started with the platform within minutes.

Industry Classification

Understand the average compensation and benefits as per industry classification. Get jobs data for any industry like IT, Pharma, Automobile, Aviation, Education, Finance, etc.

Key Features

Get information about targeted jobs for your job board. Analyze data points like HTML job descriptions, localization of job titles, keywords and application URLs that are unique in nature.

Users can slice and dice data based on granular parameters like domain type, experience, salary, and skills. Metrics and dashboards are powered by quality and updated data, that enables human resources to be agile, quick, and responsive to business needs. It allows deploying recruitment capital to flexibly assign budgets.

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Labor Market Trends Analyses

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Data for Skill-gap Analyses

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Matching Candidates to Jobs

Designing Coursework based on Industry Trends

Salary Benchmarking

Job Board Backfill

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Datafeed for Jobs data

You can measure the demand for real-time talent in a region along with granular information such as skill sets. Our holistic jobs data feed platform deduplicates job postings to provide unique data on job postings published across the web.

Build Own Job Boards

Transform candidate data from JobsPikr to your preferred business tools to get insights on workforce trends. With these insights you can measure the supply and demand for talent in the specified locations listed across the public domain.

Customized Dashboards

You never have to start from scratch while recruiting because JobsPikr data platform understands the skills landscape and market across countries. Solve job title disparities using a taxonomy that broadly and accurately unifies data.

Check Average Salary

Speak the right language while making an offer using wage benchmarking. Compensation data helps you position profiles based on industry-level experience and acquired skill sets, rather than paying by looking at the job title.

Daily Job Data

Create a common language for employers, recruiters, communities, and universities for discovering top talent, top skills , and job market-relevant programs that define our current economy. Use JobsPikr and get data on daily job postings.

Finding the Right Data

Our user-friendly tool helps to find the right talent and identifies the best markets within a few minutes. Where we collect, cleanse, enrich, and deduplicate the jobs on a daily basis – so that you can put the data to work in no time!

Talk To Us

Discover how JobsPikr Data Feeds and Insights provide comprehensive job data solutions – covering diverse industries and locations – on job market trends, salary data, and hiring patterns.

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