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Yes, we offer a 15-day free trial that allows you to select up to 10 sites including 1 job board with limited records to try out JobsPikr, for instance, you may choose any 9 company websites and 1 job board.

You can choose as many sites as you wish – there is no mandatory minimum number of sites that you’d have to select.

JobsPikr is available anywhere you have an internet connection. We do expect you/your team to possess basic technical know-how in order to handle and make use of the data being collected. Further details of the solution can be accessed via datasheet.
JobsPikr accepts credit cards and all payments will be processed by JobsPikr itself does not store any financial data of you and your credit card in our database, this is all and only securely processed by Stripe.
Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and has in turn been certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available. You can confirm Stripe’s certification in Visa’s registry of service providers.
JobsPikr only provides job data from company websites and job boards that was extracted in the last 30 days. However, we do have historical job datasets which can be instantly accessed via DataStock. You can view a sample dataset on DataStock prior to making the actual purchase.
We follow a monthly (or quarterly, if you’ve chosen so) billing cycle, starting from the day of first payment.
Yes, you can surely add more sites to your plan anytime. Pricing for the new site will be calculated based on the total number of sites (ie., after the new additions) and pro-rated till the end of your current billing cycle.
Sites can be removed if you wish to do so. However, such changes will come in to effect only from your next billing cycle. There will not be any refunds in case you remove sites from your subscription.
Yes, absolutely. Check out the DaaS solution of PromptCloud (our parent company) for custom feeds. We can build data feeds containing data fields exactly as per your requirement and deliver according to the pre-specified frequency by deploying dedicated crawlers.