Job Data for Lead Generation

Lead generation is the ultimate and most crucial aspect of any business irrespective of the industry. While conventional lead generation methods are often followed by most companies with decent results, there’s a lot of untapped potential in job data.

Job listings data aggregated from company websites and job boards can be leveraged to boost your lead generation and give you some direction in your marketing activities.

For example, if abc company has open positions for a graphic designer, you can reach out to them to pitch the services of your design agency. Since they are actively looking for someone with graphic design expertise, the chances of them availing your services are high.

Jobspikr can help you get fresh job listings from companies and job boards spread across industries and geographies, thus making it easier for you to spot opportunities. You can then contact potential clients from among these and apprise them of your services. With Jobspikr, you can expect a significant improvement in your lead generation and conversion rates. 

Get job data to generate new leads.