Labor Market Trends Analyses

JobsPikr offers detailed analysis and up-to-date information on labor market trends including real-time and historical data. We provide accurate insights from leading international markets – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and India to deliver valuable industry intelligence.

With a database of over 500 million jobs over the past 3 years, our platform overcomes prevailing challenges faced by businesses. Furthermore, the data is enriched using our powerful machine learning models to infer data points hidden in the text within job descriptions. Hence you end up with comprehensive and accurate data that can be consumed either as feeds via JobsPikr’s API or as labor market insights on the platform itself.

JobsPikr’s labor market trends analysis empowers organizations with –

Skill Shortages

By analyzing job postings and employment data to identify high-demand and short-supply skills, helping teams and organizations make informed decisions on education and training.

Regional Disparities

By identifying regional disparities in employment and wage growth to inform policy decisions and strategies for addressing these disparities.

Automation and Technological Change

By analyzing data on job postings and job losses, labor market trend analyses can detect the impact of automation and technological change on the labor market, helping policymakers and organizations plan for the future of work.


By identifying areas with high rates of underemployment or employed individuals in roles that don’t fully utilize their skillsets helps organizations improve the match between workers' skills and job opportunities.

We have over 100+ happy clients that have benefited from using JobsPikr to achieve their business and hiring goals.

"Great data source, easy to use"
Josh Davis,
Talent Intelligence

To know more about our product or schedule a demo, please get in touch with us.

To know more about our product or schedule a demo, please get in touch with us.

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