Clean and Up-to-date Job Data Directly from Company Websites

Job feeds segregated by geographical region and continuously updated with fresh data. Ideal for recruitment agencies, job boards and labour market analytics firms.

Generate high quality leads by identifying the staffing needs of companies from various regions. Provide customised list of job opportunities to your candidates, use the insights from the job data feed to gain competitive advantage and increase revenue.

Capture structured, high quality and latest job listings to find the latest labor trends. Build intelligence with this data to gain insights into the recruitment activities of competitors and customers.

Aggregate jobs and keep your job board updated with fresh listings posted on company websites across the globe. Access the formatted data and directly plug-in to your database.

The job packages are regularly updated with new websites to give you the maximum value out of the job feeds. Apart from that we ensure that the packages contain only the active companies.

JobsPikr delivers data from several geographical locations to make sure that your offerings are relevant for both local and international market. Currently available in the USA, EU, India, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Get ready-to-use data in CSV, XML and JSON format for easy integration with most database systems. Directly download the data or publish the data to FTP, Amazon S3 or Dropbox via REST API.

The affordability of our solution ensures that the pricing fits any company’s budget. You can select pre-packaged website bundles as well as individual websites.

Our AutoExtract algorithm uses machine learning techniques to automatically identify job related fields from the career section of company websites. Hence, it provides continuous job feed irrespective of the changes in the website structure.

Take the advantage of our cloud services to avoid costs associated with infrastructure and upkeep. Free up the resources to focus on the application of data.

How It Works

JobsPikr deploys automated crawlers powered by machine learning techniques to extract latest job listings from the career pages of company websites and delivers the data feed in the form of pre-packaged bundles segregated by geographical regions.


Select the website bundles and individual websites as per your requirement


Pay the subscription fee


Directly download data or publish the data via our REST API

our pricing


There are close to at least 50 websites in each bundle.
No, at least one pre-packaged bundle needs to be selected in order to subscribe to individual sites.
Yes, JobsPikr comes with 7-day trial period. You can skip payment details while opting for trial.

We have a pool of individual websites. You can search and select them in the site selection wizard.
It’s not possible to select certain sites from a package.
Yes, absolutely. Check out the DaaS solution of PromptCloud (our parent company) for custom job feeds.

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JobsPikr comes with 7-day trial period!

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