Analytics-Ready Jobs Data Feeds Via API

A customizable job feed and analytics solution, with the widest range of historical and active jobs from the market.

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Some of the industry leaders who use JobsPikr


Suitable for

JobsPikr creates value for any use case dealing with jobs data.

For Job-Based Software Solutions

Develop your future of work solutions with in-depth insights from jobs posted across industries, train & model your AI algorithms, analyze job trends and more.

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For Advanced Hiring Platforms

Power up your hiring platform using value-added data like skills, industry, job author, et al from a single automated feed.

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For Job Boards

Backfill jobs regularly from a single aggregated feed, get access to value-added data, keep track of expired jobs, and more.

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For Ed-tech Platforms

Build the right content inventory based on the market demand. Later help your users find the right job that matches their skill sets.

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For Market Research & Management Consulting Firms

Deep dive into labor market trends using historical datasets, slicing and dicing data based on a variety of parameters like location, title, salary range, word dates, etc.

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For Staffing Agencies

Source jobs with value-added data like skills, seniority, category, and such to match potential candidate profiles, generate leads, analyze competitor inventory, and more.

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The only Job Feed you’d ever need

Wide coverage

Delivers data from various sources across geographical locations to make sure that your offerings are relevant for both local and international market. JobsPikr covers all the major geographies like USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Canada, Singapore and more.

Customizable feed

JobsPikr is powered by advanced search filters that you could use to fine-tune your results to match your industry, titles, or even companies of interest.


JobsPikr’s platform is available 100% of the time for you to reliably access the data based on your search criteria.


We perform multi-level cleansing and normalization of data since we believe any loss of data quality exponentially reduces its value. Our ML algorithms further enrich the data by deriving value-added fields.

Multi-lingual support

We support jobs in local languages as present on source including Spanish, French, Danish, etc apart from English.

API access (and Integrations with Google Drive, S3, FTP)

Our easy to use API helps you consume the relevant data on autopilot so that your resources could be put to their creative use. We also support integrations with Google Drive, S3, FTP as alternatives to avoid any manual intervention.

Featured in Forrester report as one of the leading data providers in the job industry.

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What our clients say



“JobsPikr has helped us in acquiring fresh job data from thousands of company websites on a daily basis. We were looking for such kind of service for a long time and I’m glad that I stumbled upon JobsPikr.”

– VP, Strategic Growth European Recruitment Agency



“JobsPikr has saved us a lot of time and resources by automatically delivering fresh job listings from the web. They also flexible enough to crawl a new site that wasn’t in their list just for our convenience. It’s a great service!”

– Head of Data Operations Popular Job Aggregator



“JobsPikr’s API integration with our system was easy to setup; overall, the process is straightforward and fast. The team is responsive and is always available. We were able to greatly reduce the time to market for one of our new solutions because of the large-scale and accurate job data delivery. Kudos to the JobsPikr team!”

– Data Science Manager AI-powered Job Matching Solution

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