Custom Job Data Extraction Services

JobsPikr Product-Exclusive Job feed directly from fortune  500 companies

Custom Job Data Extraction

Job Feed Extraction Service to Scrape Fortune 500 Companies’ Career Pages

JobsPikr’s enterprise plan offers you to subscribe exclusive job feed data directly from Fortune 500 companies’ career pages.

Exclusive Job Feed

What it can do

  • Create and supplement exclusive job boards with fresh and relevant job postings from Fortune 500 companies.

Suitable for

  • Advanced hiring platforms, staffing agencies, and niche job boards who provide recruitment support, job matching and candidate matching service to Fortune500 companies in the US.

How does it work

  • We setup data collection processes to automatically extract newly posted jobs from career pages of top enterprises (Fortune 500 companies) as well as popular job boards on a daily basis
  • This data is then enriched with further standardizations and inferences using our machine-learning algorithms
  • Clean and fully prepped data is then made available for our clients via a simple to use API
  • Data could also be pushed to any file sharing server of your choice

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Exclusive Jobfeed Features

Exclusive Jobfeed Features
  • Automatic job scraping of the internal career pages of F500 companies for job data
  • Data Enrichment: We enrich data with standardization of location and infer key data points like skills set, salary, job department etc.
  • Automatic Job Validity Checks: Periodic checks to understand validity of a previously extracted job, “freshness” as we call it. This is an add-on service based on the volume of data as well frequency at which you might wish to check for validity of a job.
  • Custom reports and unlimited scheduled downloads
  • API Access and Data Delivery: Get the job data delivered in the required file format, including FTP, Amazon S3
  • Quality control and scrapes monitoring

Exclusive Jobfeed Benefits

  • Exclusive F500 Job Feed Data: Access fresh and high-volume exclusive job feed, including quality job data from internal career pages of Fortune 500 companies under our Enterprise plan
  • Employer Up-sell: Job wrapping service updates jobs daily: removing expired job listings, editing existing ones, and adding new jobs. Boosting your client offering and saving you precious manual on the job.
  • Niche and Consistent Job Data: Rely on JobsPikr to extract job data as per your exact wants and needs, from the pool of overwhelming data available online. Be it a particular industry, geography, designation or category.
  • Reduced Expired Listings Removal Lag: Better budget control and improved candidate experience with less traffic to expired jobs
  • No Maintenance Required: Our job scraping service requires no maintenance unlike the tools, and is completely managed in-house. So no infrastructure or maintenance cost for you

Fortune 500 Companies’ Jobs Data Helped a Staffing Agency Enhance Website Visibility and Traffic

Reduced the Operation Costs by Approx. 20% in Six Months

With the increasing competition in the recruitment industry, updating the latest job listings in the shortest time seems to be quintessential to survival for staffing agencies. But, with so much data available, it’s not easy to manually acquire exclusive job feed from Fortune 500 companies’ career pages and top job boards.

With JobsPikr – SaaS job data solution provider, you are only a few steps away from getting all data from job listings posted on thousands of company websites. Our job automation solution enabled a staffing agency to directly integrate the job feeds into their existing system, eliminating large operations teams’ needs. Read the full story to understand how our solution improved the client’s operational and cost efficiency, making them the go-to job board for premium job listings.

Exclusive Job Feed

Advantages of Partnering with Jobspikr

JobsPikr Exclusive Job Feed Advantages
  • Availability of historical data: We have historical job data since early 2019
  • Data Quality: We are synonymous with reliable data
  • Enriched data: We enrich data with standardized values and machine-learning derived inferences like skills, departments etc
  • Flexible API: Ability to programmatically query using all the possible combinations of data fields .
  • Value for Money Proposition: Save up to 1.5-2X cost by partnering with JobsPikr than setting up in-house infrastructure and resources for your job data crawler set up and inferences needs.
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