A Niche Job Board Reduced Overhead Costs and Improved User Experience with Indeed Scraping

With globalization setting in, it is essential for companies to expand their business activities across the world to stay ahead in the competition. Organizations, to run smoothly, must employ a diverse and talented workforce to drive the company towards its goals with creativity and competence. In such a bustling job market, job boards are on the rise for their extensive outreach and promising results. As such, job boards are looking for Indeed scraping jobs data.

However, we see the emergence of new businesses every day. New businesses open new job opportunities and refer to job boards to help them find the right candidates at the right time. As a result, it becomes cumbersome for niche job boards to maintain a dynamic and massive candidate database on their websites. Keeping track of the data becomes difficult, especially with all the minute details involved in a job posting. But, Indeed scraping jobs aggregation is helping job boards overcome this obstacle. With Indeed scraping jobs data, niche job boards worldwide can accumulate more job data from different companies in an organized manner, and shape itself into a better job tool.

About the Client

The client, India’s leading online career and recruitment resource with its cutting-edge technology, provides relevant profiles to employers and relevant jobs to job seekers across industry verticals, experience levels, and geographies. The client aims to provide the widest and most sophisticated job seeking, career management, recruitment, and talent management capabilities globally in the next five years.

Business Challenge

The client struggled to keep their niche job board updated with fresh job listings from around the web. While they tried to manually sort the data from top job boards, including Indeed, Monster, FreshersWorld, and more, most of the time, they ended up listing duplicate jobs and expired jobs. This impacted their profit line and impacted their user experience.

The client also lacked a central system of data collection from the Indeed job site. Also, manual job data aggregation made it difficult for them to check and validate the quality of the job data feeds. Besides, the lack of resources to check for missing fields such as designation, job location, salary, and much more resulted in high overhead costs for the client in terms of resources allocation.

As Indeed was a good repository of fresh job listings from India, the client sought to scrape the Indeed job site. They were in search of a product with a quick turnover time. The client chose to partner with JobsPikr to extract and migrate job listings from Indeed to their job board.

Solutions Offered

The client was introduced to the JobsPikr tool – a go-to-source for job data. The simple-to-use interface of the JobsPikr application helped the client to search the job data that they required. The search filters in the application enabled the client to segment Indian jobs from Indeed job site. The API integration further helped the client to migrate the data automatically to their job board. Within no time, the client’s job board was updated with all the latest listings from Indeed job site.

Business Outcome – Lower costs, Better User Experience

Indeed scraping jobs solution helped the client to access the latest job data, analyze job trends, and keep their job board updated with new, fresh job listings. The main data points the client captured included, Job Title, Summary, Location, Name of the Company, The Date posted, Details, Job URL, Salary, and Skills.

This helped the client to improve the user experience by keeping the job board updated to the minute. Also, the client was able to reduce overhead costs in terms of resource allocation. The automated job listing feature helped them become one of the best job boards in the market in one year.

Why Choose JobsPikr’s Indeed Scraping Solution?

JobsPikr uses machine learning algorithms to intelligently extract job data across the corporate websites and job boards directly, providing you with the widest range of historical and real-time job market data. JobsPikr’s customisable job feed and analytics solution helps you keep pace with the job market trends and gather exclusive job feed data directly from Fortune 500 companies’ career pages. Having the backing of a strong job scraping service provider like JobsPikr assures that the daily process of web crawling job postings is automated, leaving your company with fewer overheads and more opportunities to scale. JobsPikr can extract and mine data through any scale of complexity.

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