A US-Based Job Board Reduced Overhead Expenses by 17% with JobsPikr’s Job Posting Automation Solution

A US-Based Job Board Reduced Overhead Expenses by 17% with JobsPikr’s Job Posting Automation Solution

The unexpected COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 adversely affected every facet of society. Arguably, the employment sector suffered the most and continues to do so as millions of individuals worldwide found themselves without a job in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Consequently, leading job boards worldwide were put under pressure to satiate the high employment demands of out-of-work individuals

Job boards have been a major source of finding the ideal talent for most companies and recruiters. And while companies sure have benefited from job boards, job seekers have seen equally great opportunities with the many vacancies found on these sites for them to apply to. However, due to the rising competition in the job market, leading job boards are finding it increasingly difficult to automatically migrate jobs from career pages to their job board sites. This is where job wrapping and job automation comes into play. JobsPikr’s job wrapping and job posting automation service have become the ultimate solution for every job board to ensure quality and efficiency.

About the Client

The client is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and employers who need the right talent. Being in the job market for more than ten years, the client aims to make every workplace happier and more productive by transforming how employers and candidates find the right fit. The company aims to expand to a global provider of a full array of job seeking, career management, recruitment, and talent management products and services in the future.

Business Challenge

As a growing firm in the niche segment, the client had to look at their current job listings more efficiently. With a small operations team and free DIY data extraction tools, they found it increasingly difficult to keep their job board updated with the new, latest job listings. As a result, the overall credibility of the firm was impacted during the pandemic.

Besides, the client faced predicaments in securing open job vacancies from a recruiting company’s website. The client’s team used manual techniques to migrate jobs from career portals and other sites to their job board. These techniques were quite accessible when the job data produced was manageable. But with the rising competition and the proliferation of job data, the client found itself in troubled waters. Automation was critical to deal with the challenge at hand, and the job wrapping feature was the best solution for the client.

The client wanted to leverage job wrapping solutions to head off its competitors and establish its market position as a leading job board in the United States. They were in search of job wrapping and job posting automation solution providers who would help them ensure high quality and accuracy of jobs, irrespective of huge volumes of data. The company approached JobsPikr – a renowned job wrapping service provider and trusted partner to some of the world’s biggest job boards.

Solutions Offered

JobsPikr provided the client with the option of pre-defining the types of jobs they want to feature on their boards. Once the client made their preferences clear based on demand trends for specific jobs, JobsPikr’s intelligent job wrapping tool exclusively finds and posts those kinds of vacancies on clients’ online platforms.

The job listings process was automated so that open vacancies from corporate career sites can be posted immediately on the client’s site when they emerge online. Automated job posting eliminated the need for large operations teams. JobsPikr functioned as the client’s operational arm by eliminating the need for elaborate teams. By partnering with JobsPikr, the client ensured high quality and accuracy of jobs, irrespective of huge volumes of data.

JobsPikr provided the client with the option

Job Posting Automation – Business Outcome

With automated postings from established career sites, our job wrapping solution helps the client to choose which formats, tags, and targeted regions they would like on their site. This eventually helped them to strengthen the user experience with the right filters and rich content. Job seekers also found it easier to find local job postings and apply to client companies that have posted the relevant jobs. This eliminated the need for a large operations team, thus reducing overhead expenses by 17% in a year.

  • Job posting automation ensured all posted jobs reached the best active and passive candidates without requiring any manual updates.

  • Automation of job posting, editing, and deleting saved time that the recruiters could utilize for talent pipelining efforts.

  • JobsPikr scoured through a high number of job feeds and other job sources to process a high volume of job postings in quick time. It enabled the job board to compile a more extensive repository of job data than any of its competitors

  • JobsPikr’s advanced tool verified every job posting for accuracy, validity, and completeness. It helped to ensure that the job board has only valid, high-quality job postings.

  • Our tool ensured that each job posting has enough supporting information, like location and salary, to help job seekers compare and decide where to apply.

Why Choose JobsPikr’s Job Posting Automation Solution?

JobsPikr uses machine learning algorithms to intelligently extract job data across the corporate websites and job boards directly, providing you with the widest range of historical and real-time job market data. JobsPikr’s customisable job feed and analytics solution helps you keep pace with the job market trends and gather exclusive job feed data directly from Fortune 500 companies’ career pages. Having the backing of a strong job scraping service provider like JobsPikr assures that the daily process of web crawling job postings is automated, leaving your company with fewer overheads and more opportunities to scale. JobsPikr can extract and mine data through any scale of complexity.

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