Custom Job Data Scraping Services

Job Data Scraping

Custom Web Scraping Jobs Data

Job scraping is the process of gathering (rather scraping) job data across the web (example, company’s careers pages) and sharing it in a structured format.

With the help of job data crawling, high volume of job postings is collected across the web and in the format that fits your specific needs.

Why to Scrape Jobs


Scrape Job Feeds

Source jobs with value-added
data – like skills, seniority,
category, and more – from the
required company career pages
and job boards

Automate Job Listings

Initiate jobs refresh (restart
scraping process immediately
and update jobs) directly from
our client dashboard aka

Scrape New Sources

Request to scrape jobs from any website that legally allow crawlers

Suitable for

  • Providing reliable job data to job boards, job aggregators, staffing agencies and advanced hiring platforms
  • Building the right content inventory based on the job market demand, for ed-tech platforms
  • Tracking labour market trends with job market data, for market research and consulting firms
  • Tracking competitors’ hiring plan and requirements

How does it work

  • We setup job data scraping processes to automatically extract newly posted jobs from popular job boards and career pages of selected companies on a daily basis
  • This data is then enriched with further standardizations and inferences using our machine-learning algorithms
  • Clean and fully prepped data is then made available for our clients via a simple to use API

Some of the industry leaders who use JobsPikr


Job Data Scraping Features

Jobscraping Feature
  • Automatic Job Scraper: JobsPikr’s AI-based data extraction solution can automatically crawl and extract job listings from the required career pages of company sites and job boards, at the desired frequency
  • Job Mapping and Job Tagging: JobsPikr analyses job content, keywords and maps industry sector, category data based on available job information
  • Job Data Normalization of incorrectly encoded symbols, titles and content
  • Deduplication of the same job posted in multiple job boards
  • Enriched Job Data: JobsPikr enriches data with standardized values and machine-learning derived inferences like skills, departments etc
  • Job data synchronization via client database API and user interface for business users to search and download jobs data

Job Data Scraping Benefits

  • No technical issues: Doing job sites scraping in-house demands a high level of technical skills which makes the procedure difficult to implement. JobsPikr makes sure to deal with all the obstacles that come up during the web harvesting process from numerous websites on your behalf
  • No maintenance: Our dedicated and all round support ensures that all your job data scraping requirements are met for quality, quantity and frequency. You can eliminate manual work, save time and reach candidates faster
  • Cost efficient: Outsourcing your job data extraction requirement to JobsPikr helps you save in-house set-up and maintenance cost
  • Niche and consistent job data: Rely on JobsPikr to extract job data as per your exact needs, from the pool of overwhelming data available online. Be it a particular industry, geography, designation or category
  • Reduced expired listings removal lag: Better budget control and improved candidate experience with less traffic to expired jobs

Advantages of Partnering with Jobspikr

  • Global Presence and Data Coverage: We’d have data from almost any country, with extensive presence in US, Western Europe and South-East Asia
  • Data Expertise and Quality: We are synonymous with reliable data
  • Flexible API: Ability to programmatically query using all the possible combinations of data fields
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