Job Data Feed for Job Boards

The value proposition of a job board lies in aggregating up-to-date job postings from companies primarily depending on the geography, job role, and industry.

To enable this, job boards should regularly update their job listings on a regular basis so that no job that has passed its apply-by date, is still on the board. New jobs released by companies should get updated on the board immediately so that the people who loyally follow the job board can be benefited.

JobsPikr helps job boards by providing aggregate job data feed and keeping your job board updated with fresh jobs from thousands of company websites and popular job boards across the globe. The formatted data provided by JobsPikr can be directly plugged-in to your database. The much higher volume of job listings from JobsPikr can result in higher candidate and recruiter sign-ups directly impacting the bottom line.

Job Data For Recruitment Companies

Recruitment firms’ expertise lies in discovering and connecting employers with relevant job seekers. The challenging aspect here is finding employers who are hiring in a specific industry and geography that the recruitment firm is targeting at any given time.

This requires aggregating job postings from various companies and job boards, which are spread across different regions and industries. If done manually, this can be a tedious and inefficient task with little to no results. Lead generation for recruitment firms would be much easier and efficient with a custom job data feed tailored to their specific requirements.

This is where JobsPikr helps recruitment firms by providing fresh jobs aggregated from not just company websites but also popular job boards across the globe. The data is provided in a plug-and-play format that can be easily integrated with your existing systems. The notably higher volume and variety of job listings from JobsPikr can result in increased efficiency in lead generation, thus helping you identify and pitch to the right companies with relevant hiring needs.

Job Data Feed to Power AI-based Job Matching Software

Matching a person to a job can be a demanding task and is one that is undertaken by thousands of head hunters and agencies throughout the globe on a day to day basis. Although computers may not be as accurate as humans, one can allow computers to do a level of screening so that the work of the recruiter is reduced manifold.

In fact, you can just hire a couple of recruitment experts who do not have to match jobs to candidates but only review the selection or shortlisting done by your AI software.

And the only input you need for an AI-based job matching software would be job listing data and candidate profiles.

Jobspikr can supply job-listing data in a plug and play format, which can be used to fuel your job matching software to filter through the job listings, or sort the job listings in clusters and match them with potential candidates. This will help your business take advantage of the job matching technology without the hassles associated with aggregating job data.

Job Data Feed for Market Research

Market research is important in every business segment. Analyzing a huge amount of hiring data spread across various geographies can help you gain valuable insights on any domain to assist you in market research.

Job data is a surprisingly great market research tool since it reflects many crucial trends that your target market is going through at any given point in time.

For example, if any of your competitors are hiring for machine learning related positions, you can anticipate some new product or solution they’re working on and make moves accordingly to stay relevant in the market. Staying up to date with the competition is something you can never overdo in today’s fast-paced business world.

The main recipe for healthy analytics is data, and that is what Jobspikr brings to you in a plug to play format. The same data can be used to analyze real-time job trends, identify competitor activities, create reports as well as enrich your internal data warehouse.

Job Data Feed for Lead Generation

Lead generation is the ultimate and most crucial aspect of any business irrespective of the industry. While conventional lead generation methods are often followed by most companies with decent results, there’s a lot of untapped potential in job data.

Job listings data aggregated from company websites and job boards can be leveraged to boost your lead generation and give you some direction in your marketing activities.

For example, if ABC company has open positions for a graphic designer, you can reach out to them to pitch the services of your design agency. Since they are actively looking for someone with graphic design expertise, the chances of them availing of your services are high.

Jobspikr can help you get fresh job listings from companies and job boards spread across industries and geographies, thus making it easier for you to spot opportunities. You can then contact potential clients from among these and apprise them of your services. With Jobspikr, you can expect a significant improvement in your lead generation and conversion rates. Get job data to generate new leads.