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The job hunting scene was much different in the pre-internet era but like most things, the advent of the internet simplified it. No more newspaper ads or walking in the sun handing out resumes to every company you can think of. Job boards, also known as job search engines, are equipped with the best job board software and even deploy sophisticated skill-matching algorithm to connect the right candidate with the job opportunity.

But if you are going to create a job board of your own, or set up a job board website, you need to compare different solutions, and this article compiles the best job board software for easier research. Many of them come with a free trial period, and hence you can try them out before taking the plunge. Also, many of these cater both to companies that want to open their job boards as well as job-board owners who want to aggregate job listings.

Best Job Board Software

Check out the following best job boards software list to weigh your options across free and paid solutions and find the right fit based on your business requirements and budget.

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1. SmartJobBoard

SmartJobBoard comes equipped with a free 14 days trial and it runs on autopilot once you set it up. It can be used by companies as well as job boards easily. Special options like multi-select for a job type have made it popular among as many as 2000 job board owners. The basic plan comes at $179/ month, while the premium comes at $299 and the enterprise plan is a custom one for which you will have to contact their sales team.

2. Madgex

Madgex is a technically advanced job board software and renowned companies like the Guardian, the Washington Post, and Elsevier frequently use it. The company works both with newspapers as well as online businesses. A 24-hour support team that ensures data security is one of their best features. Along with that, they also provide data insights that will help improve your business. You will need to submit your requirements and other details for custom pricing.

3. EjobsiteSoftware

With free first-year web hosting and free custom homepage design, EjobsiteSoftware helps you create android and iPhone apps for your job board. It comes replete with 10 job board themes. Using it, you can build job boards with 4 specific modules – Jobseeker, applicant tracking, employer and administrator. Their complete solution comes at a $600 one time fee.

4. MatchWork

This customizable job board software that integrates with Social Media data makes MatchWork a viable option for many. CV entry is easy for applicants and this results in an enriched user experience. It builds job boards that are Search Engine Optimised and mobile-friendly.


The biggest advantage of this software is that it does not require you to install anything and can be up and running literally in minutes via cloud-based offering. Integrated with big job boards such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter, comes with features such as an intuitive admin panel, responsive, mobile design, blogging and SEO Optimized, and frictionless job application process.

The basic plan comes at $249/ month, while the professional comes at $349 and the enterprise plan is a custom one for which you will have to contact their sales team.

6. JobBoardMount

JobBoardMount has worked with big tech giants like SalesForce. It is preferred by companies thanks to its multiple features, such as clean and effective candidate user interface, employer branding and ad campaigns, sales and job board dashboard, professional Search Engine Optimization, job distribution, and integrations.

It also provides job wrapping services to companies like Oracle. They have two different pricing options. If you want a standalone job board license, they offer an encrypted code-base that you can host but not edit at $6500 and a non-encrypted code base that can both be hosted and edited at $9500.

If you want a hosted solution, the monthly support and hosting fee is $325/ month and you will also need to pay an initial activation fee of $4950 that includes customization, training, and more.

7. JobBoardKit

JobBoardKit allows a free 14 day trial period like the first job board software on our list. It provides you with a complete solution with end-to-end integration that is ready-to-use right off the shelf. Invoicing and payments are included and feature payment integrations with debit and credit cards along with stripe. Themes are modern, minimalistic, and fully customizable. It comes with its cloud hosting along with responsive templates. Pricing ranges from £7.99/month for startups, £29.99/ month for the basic service and £179.99/month for the premium.

8. SimpleJobScript, an Open-source Job Board Software

It is a lightweight, feature-rich, open-source job board software. It is free to download and easy to set up. The project resides publicly on Github. It is another job board software that can help you get your job board running in minutes. You can brand it to match your industry and business. They also provide premium plugins that can help you monetize and start earning.

Select the Best Job Board Software

Hopefully, this list will help you with your research process which is important to select the right platform to host jobs. However, it is equally vital to keep the job board refreshed with high-quality job listings. That’s where job feed providers and Data as a Service (DaaS) company can help you.

In case you want to create a custom job board and use a DaaS provider for your job feed, JobsPikr can be a brilliant solution. Not only you get coverage of many industries and countries but also get the ability to build your own feed by different types and levels of filters, data delivery methods, and file formats. No maintenance and infrastructure cost needs to be borne by you so you can focus on utilizing the data and building your business.

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