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Best Hiring Tools for an Effective Campaign

best hiring tools

A smooth and easy to understand hiring process is the key to attracting strong candidates. Nowadays, it is not that hard to achieve that goal. There are plenty of hiring tools available at your disposal. In this blog, we will cover the best hiring tools and how to use them. But first, let’s understand what exactly a recruitment tool is.

What is a Hiring Tool?

A recruitment tool is a type of software specifically designed to assist recruiters in the hiring process. Following up with a number of candidates can prove to be extremely difficult and baffling at times, so having a little help can open doors to great results. 

Recruitment tools can make your hiring process more sophisticated and streamlined. With the aid of automation, recruitment tools can make advertisements for openings as well as organize candidate data in a much better way. 

Consisting of a large amount of storage capacity, keeping track of candidate progress in the process and contacting them has never been easier. Some recruitment tools can also conduct initial level interviews by themselves.

Best Hiring Tools in the Market

When it’s a matter of hiring, you need the best of the best. Here are the best tools for hiring available in the market:

  • JobsPikr

JobsPikr is an Al-enabled talent intelligence tool that keeps you up with the latest labor market trends. It helps recruiters understand the market to form a strong hiring process. With its multiple sources of data collection, you can keep track of how you plan your workforce for the future. A big perk is that you can use it even if you have very little, or even no technical knowledge. It’s a standalone, enterprise-ready tool that you can start using without worrying about any interference in your current processes.

  • Joveo

With a creative name, which actually means “jobs for everyone” Joveo is a sourcing tool that consists of the latest technology and uses machine learning to assist recruiters and recruitment websites to simplify their hiring process. The best part – it is extremely low cost, which means you don’t have to think about shaking your budget. It enables you to handle your recruitment data as you see fit.

  • Hireology

Hireology is a job description creating recruitment tool that will help you achieve a more efficient and engaging recruitment process, which lets you attract top talent. It lets you collaborate with team members and distribute job applications to job boards. The analytics reporting is top notch and data collection combined with insights is smooth. It also consists of employee referral programs letting you get in touch with various types of candidates.

  • Recruiting Box

Applicant tracking systems or ATS have proved to be of big use to recruiters time and time again. With a simple-to-understand system, it boasts of effective use almost everywhere in the modern world. One such ATS is Recruiting Box, a web-based applicant tracking system that can organize all kinds of applications you receive. It also provides hand-on sourcing and initial candidate screening. By maintaining these hiring standards you can expand your search to a broader scale and get candidates your team truly needs.

  • Avature

Avature is an onboarding recruitment tool that is best suited for organizations with an employee count of 3000 or above. A lot of big companies have transformed to automation using Avature. It is one of the recruitment tools that you can customize as per your preference. It provides 24×7 support so that candidates can feel comfortable and attend interviews when they are ready, which brings out the best in them. There are many stages to a complete hiring process like identifying the candidate, grabbing their attention, recognizing if they are a proper fit, and then hiring. Avature does everything that you may need.

Recruitment Tools to enhance the Hiring Process

Now, you might be thinking how does using recruitment tools for hiring campaigns benefit an organization? Following are the ways recruitment tools enhance your hiring process:

  • Widens your search radar: It is extremely common to see companies interacting with potential candidates as well as employees through email. While this is an effective method, a better one is automating sending mails and template responses. This lets you connect with more candidates at once and an automated, easy to adapt hiring process builds up your company’s reputation and makes candidates curious. This encourages strong candidates to apply for your job vacancy.
  • Keeps your data secure: With a ton of candidate data to keep track of, it is easy to misplace or even leak the data you are not supposed to. Plus, there is always a continuous risk of hackers stealing the data. Using recruitment tools can help you secure this information with their secured database which also lets you make cloud backups. By using these tools you ensure that sensitive information is safe and secure in your hand.
  • Saves your time: By automating your recruiting process, the AI-enabled hiring tool will do the tedious work for you. Spending tons of time gathering and organizing candidate data, or screening, recruiting tools will cover everything for you. Some tools can also conduct interviews, contact candidates, and answer questions. This saves you a lot of time to focus on matters that are priorities for your organization.

Are Hiring Tools Inevitable in Today’s Workforce?

This is the era of artificial intelligence and its best to use this technology to its full potential to achieve what we pursue. In the ever-growing market, if we don’t step up and stand out, we are likely to be left way behind. Recruiters and big organizations have realized this and started automating their recruiting process with the best hiring tools and are gaining excellent results. 

Companies have admitted to having a stress-free hiring experience with the tedious work being taken away from them. Even candidates have experienced a more easy-to-understand and smooth hiring process. The candidate to recruiter interaction has also improved and it has removed biased hiring. 

Candidates are able to display their true potential and feel confident. Recruiters are better able to organize their data. Hiring tools are a win-win for both parties. It creates a strong and diverse workplace that yields outstanding goals and ensures a bright future for your company. So what are you waiting for? Just get going with the new tech gen!

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