Hot Trends in Global Hiring Landscape 2021

global hiring trends

Demonetization, GST bill, Brexit, and the US polls have created ripples across the globe. Numerous sectors at the global and local level have come across critical changes and undergone massive transformations. While leaders strived hard to capitalize on the emerging hiring global trends, startups also put their best foot forward. As a result, some of the industrial sectors and professional arenas didn’t have to bear the brunt of retarded operations, stagnant growth, and low revenues.

The recruitment or hiring industry happens to be one of them. In spite of some of the crucial and decisive incidents, this particular industry didn’t suffer huge losses. Successful agencies embraced technology and leveraged it to make the most of their existing resources. The exponential growth and development of tech innovations resonate in this sector, as most of the business ventures have come forward to improve their hiring process.

If market reports and current trends are anything to go by, many enterprises, leading corporations, big companies, small-scale ventures, and startups have engaged in effective recruitment. Before getting into the discussion, let’s understand the hot trends in global hiring and uncover how things are shaping up in the global hiring landscape.

Global Hiring Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Enterprise owners and professional recruiters should develop crystal clear ideas of the professional scenario. The rise, fall, and change in hiring demands as well as patterns will leave severe impacts on a nation’s economy. Knowing about the hot trends in global hiring space will help them plan the hiring process in advance:

1. Optimizing Growth Potential

In spite of the changes and critical incidents in the global political arena, recruiters haven’t stepped down from hiring the top talents. With an aim to optimize growth potential, these recruiters are adding value to the professional hiring sector. Market reports and statistics indicate towards the phenomenal growth of nearly 68% staffing firms. That’s not all; a whopping 79% of them wish to increase candidate placements too.

2. Bridging the Time-Action Gap

Gone are the days when it took innumerable days to screen candidate portfolios, shortlist candidates, interview the potential applicants, and then offer the right placements to them. About 83% of recruiting firms claimed that the time-action ratio has come down to a great extent. Irrespective of the hiring demands of a company, recruiters can choose the best professionals within two months. With some of the high-powered and advanced tools, they have the opportunity to hire top talents within the shortest time.

3. Leveraging Social Media

Social media has come up as one of the most powerful tools for recruitment and is one of the hot trends in global hiring space. From large businesses to small-scale ventures, every business organization is relying on social recruitment for better employee profile and effective branding. That’s not all; social media is also helping them develop, nurture, and maintain strong relationships with clients. Not only is it easy to maintain social media accounts and use platforms like LinkedIn, recruiters are getting the best ROIs too.

4. Talent Acquisition

A whopping 83% of business organizations consider talented employees to be valuable assets. They know what skilled candidates can do for their business, which makes them opt for increased talent acquisition. The trend will continue to be popular in 2021, thus making targeted recruitment even more important than ever.

5. Focus on Quality of Hire

Nearly 56% of business ventures are expecting a rise in their hiring volumes. However, the prime focus will be on enhancing and improving the quality of hires. Owners and hiring managers will want to see the performance of an employee, and the amount of time he spends with an organization. These will be the key metrics for measuring success.

6. Emphasizing on Employer Branding

The brand and market position of an employer will play a vital role in the recruitment process. More than 80% of business ventures consider their branding to be the key factor that determines their capability to attract top talents. Quite naturally, companies and enterprises across industry verticals will strive hard towards strengthening their brand in the market.

7. Big Data is the Evolving Global Hiring Trends

2021 will rely on data analytics and business intelligence to a great extent. Automated processes and technologies will rule the recruitment arena where every process will get executed within minutes. From screening applicant profiles to shortlisting the potential candidates, recruiters can execute every process in a hassle-free way. Huge paperwork will get reduced thus streamlining the entire process of hiring. Data analytics will play the pivotal role in candidate selection, where employers will gain access to a pool of information.

These trends reflect the growth of the recruitment industry on a global scale. Several companies and industries will increase their hiring volumes thus employing the top talents in the market. Such actions will have significant impacts on productivity too. With the right set of employees and highly skilled individuals working for them, business organizations will get perfect opportunities to accelerate their bottom lines.

Tracking Hiring Volumes in 2021

A quick look at the worldwide hiring volumes will explain the current scenario. If we consider recruitment trends in some of the leading nations, it will be easier to understand the entire situation. The United States will experience a growth of 58% in hiring volumes while France, Mexico, and Germany will record 50%, 67%, and 61% respectively. On the other end, India will experience a 76% rise in hiring volumes spread across various sectors.

In a nutshell, the global hiring landscape will undergo significant changes, and the top recruiters will come forward to offer unique job opportunities to potential candidates. The entire business landscape will undergo unsurpassed growth and development with productivity being a prime achievement.

Sectors on Hiring Sprees

It’s highly imperative to know which sectors are offering the highest amount of employment opportunities to talented individuals. While some of them are hiring at an increased pace, there are sectors which don’t have suitable vacancies for appropriate candidates. Here are some of the sectors and industries with positive hiring objectives:

  •       Administrative and official support
  •       Mathematical and computer operations
  •       Sales administration
  •       Material movement and transportation
  •       Food and hospitality
  •       Construction industries
  •       Installation and repairs
  •       Business management
  •       Retail and wholesale

As far as the global recruitment conditions or hiring trends are concerned, these industrial sectors are showing significant initiatives towards positive recruitment. On the other end, industries like manufacturing and IT aren’t at the top of their games. They won’t offer employment opportunities to talented individuals and skilled professionals, thus creating a void in the recruitment arena.

Efforts and Initiatives – Global Hiring Trends 2021

With that brief introduction, we come to a crucial part of this discussion. Effective recruitment and successful hiring are of paramount significance for a brand. No matter which sector they belong to, hiring the top talents will always be a prime concern. So, what are these business ventures planning to do? How do they plan to deal with the ever-increasing staffing needs? How to keep pace with the hot trends in global hiring space.

1. Appreciating Employer Branding

A talented, skilled, and experienced employee will surely leave his existing job for a better opportunity with branded employers. That’s the reason, a majority of employers are investing in branding projects. Even the top professional leaders are also aware of its importance and positive impacts. Every enterprise, big or small will want to accelerate its bottom lines, which isn’t possible without the right workforce.

2. Partnering with Business Marketers

Your business needs effective promotion, marketing, and advertising. If you want to attract the top talents, it’s highly important to promote your venture first. Let the potential candidates know the benefits and advantages of working with your firm. That will give them an idea about the growth opportunities.

3. Emphasize on Career Growth

Make sure you focus on comprehensive growth of the employee’s career. A talented candidate will never wish to stop his professional growth and personal development. As one of the reputed firms and business organization, you will have to tap into this area thus offering exceptional growth opportunities to talented individuals. Nearly 44% of employees cited career growth as the reason to leave their previous jobs and accept the new offer.

4. Embracing Technology 

The recruitment sector will show huge interest in accepting technological advancements. With some of the innovative technologies and technical aids at their disposal, they will execute hiring processes at a lightning pace. Budgeting will also be important, where recruiters need to set aside budgets for fruitful investments.

Global Hiring Trends – In Summary

Going by the current trends in the recruitment industry, both hirers and potential candidates stand good chances of earning recognition. While the top recruiters are creating job opportunities for talented individuals, the top talents are gearing up to make it big in the professional sector.

Recruiters depend on highly skilled professionals and vice-versa. An enterprise or business can’t run without perfect support from a highly skilled workforce. Both the entities are dependent on each other and can’t do without each other’s support. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and wish for an exponential growth in the hiring sector. That will generate unique employment opportunities for talented individuals, thus resulting in unsurpassed business growth and development!

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