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How AI Enhances the Recruiting Funnel

recruitment funnel

Recruitment is not only putting yourself in front of prospective candidates but also showcasing your brand value. We live in an era where everything is pretty much connected to technology. That’s why artificial intelligence is here to make the recruiting funnel easy for HR recruiters. It is essential for HR recruiters to adapt the right tool during the recruitment process to make it simpler and faster. 

AI implementation in various steps of recruitment can ensure that you have the right candidate data, a perfect interview process, and better choices.

What is a recruiting funnel?

A recruitment funnel addresses the whole system and the recruiting process. People call it a funnel because you can divide the whole process into multiple parts. It’s like a pyramid where every level is reduced in itself and at the final level, we get only the best candidates from below the funnel.

At the top level of the funnel, you keep the potential candidates you source. At the base and tightest part is the fresh recruit. The middle part means the whole hiring process that filters out candidates who don’t exactly fit your specifications. 

It additionally assists to track how applicants work through the recruitment funnel and gives you the best solutions to ensure a much smoother and more efficient recruitment process.

Recruitment Funnel Stages

  • Growing visibility: Showcasing your organization’s potential and how it can enhance the skill and knowledge of the candidates is the most essential aspect. It attracts the right candidate base to the job profile you’re offering. The best place to start with is a digital platform that gives you various tools to showcase your best and gives you a broader market to explore.
  • Sourcing & Connecting: Once you capture the candidate’s attention, get rolling and approach them with your best offers. Effective engagement is what is needed in this stage. After you source the right database, proper screening can help you rule out the unfit applicants. After understanding the candidate you can strategize on the perfect approachable method.
  • Interview & evaluation: Candidate experience, adequacy in the process, and speed are significant, so ensuring such aspects is a must to be in the game. Using AI technology comes in handy for a faster hiring process. Such technology enhances your organization’s credibility and smooth experience for the candidates. 
  • Background checks: Proper verification of the candidate is the final part to ensure their dedication and professional behavior. For instance, cross-check all the information from their resume or CVs. Asking candidates to give the reference person’s information and checking with them is essential to understand the candidate’s true background in the varied working environment. 
  • Offer the job: Finding the best fit is not the finish line of any recruitment funnel. The candidate actually needs to acknowledge the proposal for the cycle to complete. Only after the candidate accepts the offer, we can say that the recruitment process is complete.  

How can AI enhance the recruiting funnel?

Better Sourcing

AI-driven candidate sourcing will glance through data sets and job boards and will give you a sorted list of certified applicants from the bulk of data. In doing so, there are various AI-driven platforms like JobsPikr Insights, which are best for analyzing the latest market trends and giving recruiters an accurate picture of both the talent market and your database. Then there is the LinkedIn job wrapping service, which improves the recruiter’s efficiency, gives the maximum ROI with efficient service, regular job updates with sophisticated selection criteria, and lastly, 360-degree usage of the great platform is what you get.

Smooth evaluation process

To enlist the right ability, you want your hiring process to work like a buttery floor. At the point when certain regions begin to squeak, top applicants might get lost. To guarantee you’re getting the right candidates through the whole process and make it as effective as you can, you need to watch out for the higher perspective. AI can give you the right solution. All things considered, AI means statistical accurate data and some AI tools give you very specific data that help you get clear insight, and with that, you can plan your process in a much better way.

Improve Candidate Experience

Recruiters focus on better candidate experience for various reasons. Candidates are known to turn down offers because of awful experiences they may encounter. 72% of such candidates share their experiences with the broader population through various social platforms, ultimately ruining your company’s name. To further develop the candidate’s experience, ensure that your hiring process is simple and well thought through to avoid any mess-ups. Proper communication and regular updates with advanced AI tools like automated emails, candidate tracking systems, and chatbots on the website, should be implemented to enhance the candidate experience. 

Better decision making

Artificial intelligence aids the pre-selection process by using predictive analysis to understand the candidate’s abilities for any job profile. This allows recruiters to go with data-driven decision-making instead of choices in light of what they think is right. AI can help organizations track down the best candidates by analyzing portfolios, screening them, and generating data-driven information that makes the complete process simpler and more accurate. With recruiters, the candidates can also use a matching calculation to look at soft and hard skills, job specifications, roles, training, experience, industry type, location, and so on in a fraction of seconds. This leads to better decision-making from both sides.


Being a recruiter, you have to ensure that there is an efficiency you maintain on every level of the recruiting funnel and how you provide the candidate with the best and quality experience. The funnel helps you define the required steps at every level, which initiate with the sourcing and ends with hiring the best candidate. The middle part always plays a vital role, as it will give you the top candidates from the complete database. Ensure that you are making the best of the data you’ve generated.

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